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Thread: 4/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I have to admit that they fooled me.

    I was watching the show going "Oh come on, the editing is so obvious. Tom is going home." Usually there are two options for the one voted out but this time it was all Tom.

    The guys seem to be rock solid. I can only hope Jenn is voted out next time and the game will really begin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrant
    I'm totally baffled, too, about how Gregg and Jenn are still there and nobody is even considering breaking them up and send that jerk Gregg packing, can't stand the guy. Seriously, it's like none of those people saw All-Stars and the Mariano/Amber slip n' slide their way to the final 2. Seriously need to see Gregg gone.
    Unless it's the editing, Gregg and Jenn don't nearly have the control that Romber had over their alliances. Tom, Ian and Katie seem to have a much more solid alliance than Gregg/Jenn have with anybody. The difference with Romber was that Rob pretty much had a solid alliance with EVERYONE and everyone thought they had a solid alliance with Rob. This is not the case here with Gregg or Jenn.

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    I'm so glad FORT is back up...my power went out last night and I didn't get to record Survivor, dammit! And after adjusting for the presidential deal too....
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    It's a travesty, really, a travesty. What is?? That Gregg is still in the game. If it comes down to a Greg and (insert any contestant's name here) final, I will be SO disappointed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS
    I also didn't see the show....but usually can figure out all the good stuff reading the moment by moment commentary, plus the recap. Stupid hackers!
    So Tom didn't get immunity and he's still there???!!! Are they nuts?? Who did get immunity?
    And what were Steph's final words that everyone is praising? Thanks!!!
    Ian got immunity. Tom convinced them all that they wouldn't be in the position that they were if it wasn't for him, and they had a responsibility to hold their original Koror together as long as possible. He's put himself out there for the benefit of the team, even knowing that it would put a target on his back, etc..... It was great.

    I thought the editing was all Stephanie. They were just showing her way too much; her scheming, her desperation, her hope that it was all going to work out. It was just the typical boot edit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    I thought the editing was all Stephanie. They were just showing her way too much; her scheming, her desperation, her hope that it was all going to work out. It was just the typical boot edit.

    I thought so too. Especially when she said "I'm going to win. I know it"

    Sad to see her go - she was a tough competitor. Go Ian!

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    Tom was looking at Caryn like that when she spilled the beans because he could not believe anyone could be that stupid. I mean he is not say they have an alliance. He basically says he will help her stay longer than Step but that is it. No final 3 or anything like that. THEN she has a chance to last longer than all of the guys and she ruins it? She should definately be the next one to leave.

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    Steph put up a good fight but she didn't have a chance. She was too strong and the weaker members of the tribe wanted to eliminate her as soon as possible.
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    I have rarely seen anything as stupid as what Caryn did. One thing that is difficult to account for in strategy -- incredibly stupid people.

    When Tom gave her that speech, I thought Tom isn't even promising her anything at all. I guess he had to try, but how is that going to help him? He has to do it, but he has made more promises and alliances than Boston Rob did. And, he isn't even trying to honor them, even when they help him. I do like Tom, but I wish he wouldn't let Gregg bulldoze him -- all the while that Gregg has been the one hiding his competitive strength. Tom's will is too weak.

    Now, it appears to me that that stupid speech to Caryn saved his butt. Even Tom was incredulous that Caryn would be so stupid as to give that piece of information away.

    I do think Stephanie was dumb, too, to not use the ammunition that Coby gave her about Gregg and Jen trying to go against Tom and Ian.

    I say the above despite wanting the winner to be either Stephanie or Tom.

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    Caryn is an attorney, right? Jeez - who in their right mind would hire her? What an IDIOT!!! Enough said about that one.

    Ian - After Steph, he is my favorite - but really - he didn't think it was Tom's time to go? Come on! They all had their chance to get rid of their BIGGEST threat - TOM, not Steph, and they blew it. They are going to be kicking themselves when (if) Tom wins this thing. I'm not sure who should win the Survivor Moron Award - Caryn for "tattling," Ian for listening to his heart and not his head, or Gregg for thinking Steph was his biggest threat!!!! JEESH!!!

    On another note, my 8 year old daughter cried for half an hour after last night's episode - she was heartbroken when Steph left. She wants to write her a letter telling her she wants to be just like her when she grows up - strong and brave like Steph.

    I'm having a hard time deciding whom to cheer on now that Steph is gone. I've liked Ian since day 1, but the remaining survivors played such a stupid, stupid game last night, that I don't think any of them deserve $1M.
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