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Thread: 4/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Steph's gone...*sniff*

    I want Greg gone and done with. It almost seemed like he had a vendetta against Stephanie. Can you say....obsessive! Loved her ending speech though. Now that she is gone, I'm rooting for Tom or Ian to win this thing....the girls left are trifling.

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    Oh my GOD. I canNOT believe this. I have nightclass on Thursday nights, so I have to tape Survivor when it comes on at *7:00*. And just now I put my tape in and then I see George W. Bush babbling about whatever, I did not pay attention cause I wanted my SURVIVOR and totally talks right over Survivor. I canNOT believe I missed this episode. I'm SO utterly pissed. I actually physically started screaming.

    And then I come to the FORT and saw that Stephenie got sent home? OMG. I could not believe it. I miss this episode on the night that my favorite girl ever Steph gets sent home. I'm so mad.

    And they reair Survivor at 8. Well I didn't set my VCR to tape it at that time, damnit. UGH. I WANT MY SURVIVOR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Gregg mentioned "sticking to the original plan" and somebody I think mentioned the "group of 5" which I believe is Tom, Ian, Katie, Gregg & Jenn. I'd say things aren't looking good for Caryn right now. But when will these folks wake up and see the Gregg/Jenn coupling as a serious threat?
    What kind of a threat would they be if it's 3 (T/I/K) vs 2 (G/J)? Seems to me that them being so close makes people confident everyone else realizes they'd be #3 in any alliance with them and so wouldn't want to ally with them. Why would T, I, or K allign with G/J?

    Don't know what Caryn was thinking. She's not worthy to be there.

    Much as I absolutely love Stephenie it was time for her to go. Her performance at immunity challenge was just pathetic. This makes 3 individual losses in a row for her and none were really even close. And she's eating the same food as the rest and is far more at risk than the rest so she should have the advantage.

    Luckily there's more to life than immunity challenges so she's still my favorite. She just doesn't deserve to be in the game any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stump
    Why would T, I, or K allign with G/J?
    I don't know. But then I still don't know how Romber made it to F2. I would hate to see that again.

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    Women never get their acts together which explains why they are always one-upped by guys. Ami tried to do it but she failed. I thought they would put their heads together this time but stupid Caryn had to tell Tom the women's plan. Tom was even surprised with her move, she could have kept it to herself and take control of her own destiny but I guess Tom was glad that he talked to her before the girls did or he would not have swayed dumb Caryn to side with him. I would have liked to see Steph's continuing saga but it ends here. All the women know that all 3 men are bigger threats but it seems that they still felt that Steph is the bigget threat(?????), I really don't get it. Now they are going to be picked out one by one. My only choice for F2 will be Tom and Ian, I really don't think any of the girls (pawns) left are deserving, Greg is trying a Rob strategy while Jenn is doing an Amber. I guess Greg thinks it's still a bit too early to turn on Tom. Bad for him, because Tom already talked to Caryn. Tom took control even though he didn't have the immunity. I hope that it's Greg who will be next, then that will give Tom and Ian an easier trip to the F2.

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    Stupid move by the women. They had their perfect chance to vote Tom out and take control of the game, and they blew it.

    Steph, I'm really sorry to see you go.

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    Didn't want Steph to go but I like it a lot better than the alternative which would have been Tom going.

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    If nothing else hopefully we are in for some serious backstabbing as the remaining 6 Koror have no choice but to start voting out their own. Considering that Willard went without losing an IC, Coby self-destructed, and Janu quit, they have yet to make a tough decision when it came to the vote.

    I too don't know why Steph wasn't used as a swing vote to go after Tom or Gregg or anyone. Although it was probably a case of not being able to convince enough people to get 4 votes, Jenn, Caryn, and Katie aren't even going to get close to that million dollars. They may get second, as there doesn't seem to be as big of a chance of a final 2 where someone is voted "against" rather than "for". If one group took Steph some of those players stood a chance. Now they're just playing for the chance to be taken to the final two and then stomped on.

    Steph will wind up having been at every Tribal Council except one, when Willard was voted out. (I think that works out to 16 TC's)
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    Much as I like Tom (one of my Top 5 Survivor contestants ever), the guy seriously needs a brain inserted in his empty head. He's reminding me of Rupert, all brawns and no brains, but at least I like Tom.

    I'm totally baffled, too, about how Gregg and Jenn are still there and nobody is even considering breaking them up and send that jerk Gregg packing, can't stand the guy. Seriously, it's like none of those people saw All-Stars and the Mariano/Amber slip n' slide their way to the final 2. Seriously need to see Gregg gone.

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    I also didn't see the show....but usually can figure out all the good stuff reading the moment by moment commentary, plus the recap. Stupid hackers!
    So Tom didn't get immunity and he's still there???!!! Are they nuts?? Who did get immunity?
    And what were Steph's final words that everyone is praising? Thanks!!!

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