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Thread: 04/07 (unofficial) Screen Caps - I'm not THAT hungry

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    Danger Bunny,
    That was outstanding..."Here's how you know when you're finished, you'll feel a burning sensation in your stomach, your eyes will start watering and blood will start dripping out of your ears". <~~~~made me spit my pop all over my monitor!!!

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    from sky to fire fireflyer's Avatar
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    Very cool work, DB, loved it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Bunny
    I'm the one who has to go get firewood, I'm the one who has to go get coconut, I'm the one that has to make sure the drapes don't clash with the furniture, I'm the one who has to give the guys rub downs while they're sleeping".

    "I just want to push the girls in the fire so that I have the men all to myself, *sigh*".
    Oh, wow! Totally funny!!!!! You crack me up.

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    I wonder if Coby put one of those gerbils rats on a string.

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