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Thread: 4/7/05 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Thanks Gaeb,

    I have a friend with a cabin in Maine that only has a well for water. We built a shower with a 55 gallon drum. We have the advantage of a generator and a pump to fill the drum. But on a weekend with a small crowd of 10-12 we have to fill it at least twice during a weekend to keep the folks clean and happy.

    Until last night I liked Jenn.

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    I agree...I think it was a no brainer. Immediately, I thought the water should be used for drinking. They can fill the shower after (can't they?) with other water. Also, they still have use of the products.

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    I totally agree. Before they even won, I was already thinking that they needed to save that good water. So, this will probably make a point against Tom. I did think that it might have been a good idea to vote on it or like Texicana said, let the ones that wanted to shower, shower. But, that could have gone against them then. I guess sometimes you just can't win on some points in this game.

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    I just am not thrilled about the no merge twist. I think its making for very dull challenges to watch. Of COURSE they are going to lose, they have no food, no extra perks, no team morale, they have no opportunity to "sit out". I just don't see the excitement of watching a team implode.

    I think there were a few very good players on Ulong that truly deserve to be in the game much more than say....Katie, or Jenna?whats her name again? I'll call her showgirl.

    I also don't feel like we are getting to know Koror very well, they don't get much airtime, just a few things building but other than that they are getting fat. That's about all I'm getting from them, I can't even remember any of their names.

    Anyway, I was sad to see BJ go, I would have liked to see him interact with Tom, definately Alpha against Alpha. Ian seems happy to be "number two", which is a good spot to be in the very end, they usually win.
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    I wonder if they helped Steph paddle the canoe back to her island? You have to admit she is one determined cookie. BJ should have won the fire builing challenge except for the fact that he knew how to build a fire that would last, not one that would flame high to begin with and catch his torch on fire. Steph on the other hand put all of her wood on the bottom and raised the husks high enough to catch the torch. Good move on her part. It would really be great if she can last with the other tribe and make it to the final four. I really think when they talk about there being no merge if just means that she moves in with Koror. You can't really call one person coming to your camp a merge. Besides maybe they will make them all go to her island or another island that has nothing and Koror loses the water they won this week and all the advantages that they've won with the reward challenges so far. That would make it interesting.
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    hated that Bobby had to go but, if I had to pick who stayed it would have been Stephanie who is becoming another of my favorites.
    The only ones I can put a name to a face is Stephanie, Tom & Ian. I hope they get to the final 4. For the 4th person. ? don't know.

    The only thing I thought was silly was Stephanie talking about being afraid. Not like she was going to be alone there. Camera people?

    Loved Bobby John's exit. Very mature. I'd like to have seen him stick around. He deserved to be there way more than the women that are left. What do they do anyway?

    I felt bad for (?) speedo guy. When he was crying. That was sad.

    Finally, I almost hurled when they were eating those eggs. I could NEVER do that. Loved Tom with his comments. "Watch the beak" ewwww
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    Bobby Jon did have a graceful exit and had a lot of respect for Stephanie and her ability. My heart broke for Stephanie and Bobby Jon as they poured their heart and soul into every challenge, even though they were exhausted and drained physically, emotionally and mentally.

    My contempt for the lazy girls over on Koror knows no bounds. I certainly hope Ian and Tom can manage to salvage an alliance with Stephanie and give her a real chance to save herself.
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    Oh! here's were my thread went.

    As a newbie I hadn't read the rules.
    Now I have and apologize for not putting this where it belonged.

    Tom has a very distinct New Yawk accent. No mistaking where he is from.

    Boston Rob has a very distinct New England accent. I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life and tried very hard not to sound like Mayor Quimby from the Simpsons. Most folks in Mass. sound very normal and not at all like Sen. Kennedy. Personally my accent only comes out when I'm drinking. Then it's "wikkid pissa".

    I have traveled all over the U.S. and found that once you leave the Northeast, everyone thinks you are from New York if you have anything but a Southern accent. And once they find out you are from Boston you get the inevitable question "Say: Park the car in Harvard Yard". Usually from someone with a southern accent so thick you could slice it with a knife.

    Tom accent is classic New Yawk City. He also sounds like a stereotypical fireman. It was very evident when he was giving the toilet\shower tour. As he gave the tour he sounded like a bored fireman, loud and clear, but like he was giving the same speech to an elemetary school about fire safety for the third time that week.

    Tom & Steph for Final 2.
    Romber should have never been allowed on TAR. But that's off topic.

    Now you know why I sign off with....

    Latah (or "Later" for the New England speech impaired)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana
    Back to camp...all by herself...?? Now that would just be KREEEEPPPPYYY!!!
    You forgot. There's the camera man and the sound guy who's probably doing the interviews as well.

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    Don't the camera man and sound guy stand off to the side somewhere? Also, they can't help her either. but she's not alone, and that's a good thing. Personally, I'd freak out if I had to go back to camp in the dark.

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