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Thread: Show Discussion, 3/23 *** SPOILERS ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata
    Tonight was a prime example of why Ulong is full of idiots and will continue to lose.

    1st.Boobby Jon this is a game of strategy as well as physical prowess, use your brain and not vote out James and do vote out Ibrehim. This was not the time to get revenge.

    I wonder if Stephanie was insulted that her handwritting was described as masculine????

    This entire voting strategy just had me pissed. I didn't even bother thinking about anything else until Jeff brought up the what the heck was Ibrehim doing during the immunity challenge, afraid his silicone pecs will fail him again and James primping. Why didn't he just take the toga off, it's not as if we haven't seen him in his scivvies before...

    I think we might be seeing a twist coming, I just can't see a merge quite yet. I can see them splitting the teams again. That would be fun.

    For a second there I thought Ulong was going to win the IC but it was nice to see that the weak members of Kuror can compete against the best that Ulong has to offer.
    I may be in the minority, but I'd like to see the strong outlast the weak for a change. Unless they had a twist that required Koror to vote out 6 of it's member's right away, nothing is going to save Ulong from being extinct. Not even dividing up the tribes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo-Gilgamesh
    James is GONE. That took longer than it should have, but hey, he's GONE.
    Okay real tired here. A friend taped the show for me. Had to miss this tonight and was curious who got the boot. So glad it's James.

    I can only think of Tom and Ian that I'd have missed anyway.

    I don't know if I'll bother watching it. I think I'll just read the recap on here.

    Glad it's James anyway.

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    James, James.... to be fair, his "bathroom" wasn't bad - it just wasn't smart for a field latrine.

    But tonight... geez. Steph was dumb to make herself seem untrustworthy, but she can write it off as keeping her word to both James and BJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deny
    Are we all assuming it was Step who voted for Ibe? They didn't show her vote at the end of the show did they? They showed both her and Bobbyjon voting for James, which was proabably for the tie breaker vote.

    So, who didn't keep their word?

    I didn't tape this so I can't go back and check it but for the first vote I thought it showed BJ voting James and James voting Ibe. That leaves steph and Ibe as the 2 other votes and Ibe can't vote for himself. Its a stretch to think she voted for ibe to force a tie to make sure they didn't pull a fast one and vote for her. I don't credit her for having the brains for it.

    Have you noticed every time they lose someone in TC the next phrase is "now we will do better with the dead wood gone" kind of thing. Your saying it to yourself after the 6th time, at what point does it dawn on you that it's never gonna come true and that is not what the problem is. Not only are they worst survivor tribe every, they are the dumbest too

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    They should've realized that James didn't know what the heck he was doing or talking about when he said he was in the Navy and he knows knots. This is the same dolt who got pushed off the platform twice, can't shoot worth a darn, AND can't build a stable toilet with all of the best tools at his disposal!!!
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    man did Lex lend his gut to James? rule number 1.....never trust the gut, it's hungry and will tell you anything for some more food.......Dolt!!!!!!

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    As one of many Koror supporters, I'm kinda liking this. I don't think it's boring, because we never know for sure that Ulong is going to lose. It's kind of like watching a ball player going for the home run record, I want to see Koror become the team to win the most Immunity challenges and Ulong be the team that loses the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    Pepsi and cheezewiz on a cracker...? Gin and marshmellows...? Spam and fuzzy navels...?

    the possibilities are endless...perhaps we should start a pool for the next lame reward ...

    Damn that's funny.
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Healblade
    Congratulations to Aquaman and the Invisible Three! (tm)
    good you trademarked that, its got a ring to it. Maybe a series of graphic novels and a movie deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    Steph may do well at challenges but she has a brain that could fit in a hummingbirds head. What is there to think about? Cause a tie and you let at least 2 people know you can't be trusted. Keep her word to James? Why? who cares? He's not on the jury. After giving BJ her word, she votes for Ibe. Now he knows she can't be trusted and i'm sure its occurring to him that she did the same thing last TC and voted him but then changed it. It will piss off BJ for lying to him and Ibe for voting for him. I wouldn't be surprised if the guys team up next episode and boot steph when (and we know they will be going) they go back to TC. She deserves it just for those eyebrows alone
    Thanks, Shady! I came on to rant about the exact same thing, but you saved me the trouble! Oh, and I especially agree about the eyebrows...she just looks evil with those things.

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