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Thread: Palau Perspective – Episode 5 – Merging Is Not An Option

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    Palau Perspective – Episode 5 – Merging Is Not An Option

    The Palau Perspective is a weekly look at the political intrigue and alliance related trends occurring in the tribes. Who is wheeling? Who is dealing? And of course, who is reeling?

    This week in Palau, you could smell that strategy was in the air. Koror was forced to vote out someone and Ulong just kept getting messed-up strategy-wise.

    The Tide Is High and Where’s Willard?

    Well, who would’ve guessed that Coby was right! The division of Koror was again present this episode. It didn’t really factor because the underdogs (Caryn, Janu and Coby) all agreed, reluctantly, that Willard was a safe boot.

    I was quite disappointed in Willard’s attitude. I know he felt like it was his time to go but we were not even shown some kind of attempt on his part to stay in the game. It’s too late for that now, so farewell Big Willy, send us a postcard when you think of your strategy a month too late. Being grumpy and lazy is not a winning strategy on this show.

    We started the episode with CuddleFest 2005 part 2, featuring Gregg and Jenn. The editing finally showed us what we’ve been expecting all along. Major cuddling was going on at night and they are definitely voting together. If Jennifer could actually talk, it would be interesting to see if she’s just another Amber or she has some initiative in that plan. Unlikely, I know, but I must expose all the possibilities. Maybe they are another Jeff and Kim but Gregg didn’t hint at having any problems with coconuts.

    Never in a tribe do I remember witnessing so many open friendships. We have Coby and Janu, Ian and Tom, as well as Barbie & Ken. Where does Katie stand in that tribe? She does nothing all day, she was considered next on the chopping block if for some reason the vote had to be shifted and yet, she doesn’t look too worried. Caryn, who doesn’t deserve a paragraph, just rolled her eyes, stood back and did nothing of importance. Next to go, shoo, goodbye!

    Tom is in danger. I know, big shock. Ian is not safe either. Be scared, people, be scared. Maybe it’s the worst way to think but when the editing is highly positive and you’re doing everything right, that’s bound to trigger the “threat alert” alarm in the “weaker” players minds. Katie pointed out that Tom was the leader in challenges and that Ian was the leader in regards to food. They are safe until the merge but they might suffer the Rupert fate.

    There’s so much to say about Coby. First up, as some of you may know, I have a friend, (a super-being) named Foreshadowing. He manifests himself often, and this time, he worked with Coby. He said something like if Katie would make it further than him in the game, he would puke, and puke and well, you get the idea. That right there says that he will make sure she doesn’t outlast him. That means he just might think about other possibilities of alliances than the remaining underdogs, such as…

    "The Talk." The guy who had been relatively calm before now, Gregg, suddenly decided, as if he was pondering on what to wear in the morning, to reveal all his plans to the Cobynator. Talking to Coby of all people seemed like an odd choice but we’ll have to wait and find out if it was wise.
    On one hand, he does have the security to switch with Janu and Coby if there’s a grouping to vote out Tom. However, Gregg also revealed to him that he and Jenn were working together. That may definitely be his weak point in that whole strategy. Lastly, they did focus on Tom being the biggest threat, not Ian. Our singing friend could escape a booting if he plays his cards well.

    It’s interesting to see who voted for whom on immunity to Ulong.

    Janu - Ibrehem
    Coby - Stephenie
    Caryn - Bobby Jon
    Ian - Stephenie
    Katie - Ibrehem
    Tom - Bobby Jon
    Jen - Ibrehem
    Gregg - Angie

    It seems that Coby didn’t care too much about Angie’s fate. I was wrong last time around. It also seems the ladies were looking out for Ibrehem… strategy or eye-candy? Also, Ian for Steph… highly interesting! They are both strong players and in case Tom goes bye bye, an Ian and Steph alliance or even, *gasp* cuddling perspective shouldn’t be overlooked. Ok, just alliance, for our sake.

    I’m Hiding My Face Because…

    Who kicked some serious booty in this episode? Who came out nearly unscathed, belly-filled and ready to win some more? The correct answer is, not Ulong.

    Where to begin with this disappointment of a tribe? On the first show, they were younger, faster, and had a better shelter location than Koror. What’s left of that now? Some of them are younger than the other tribe… some of them could be faster… the shelter situation is definitely to Koror’s advantage.

    Ibrehem. What’s up with you man? You’re built like you could move an island with one hand yet, the water holds a power over you. He did save himself at tribal council. Whether it was a strategic move to give immunity to the weakest player on Koror’s part, or because he would make a good person to vote out later, he was saved. It doesn’t look good for him either way. His hungry, tired and angry tribe mates will be holding a grudge longer than they did against James, simply because Ibe won immunity.

    Angie. Aaaangie. Ain't it time we said goodbye. Last week, I predicted her going far and being victorious for weeks to come. Unfortunately, because of a series of most unfortunate events, she was voted out. In the first episode, she was a downer and whined because of the fact that she was last to be picked. After that, it was smooth sailing… until this week. She cried an ocean, whined and really brought her team even more down, as if that was possible. Her attitude made her team forget how great she is at challenges! All in all, when her tribe realized it was either Angie and her bad attitude or the hard-working BJ, it was simple as 1, 2, 3.

    What kind of weird voting was that on Ulong’s part? Well, there seems to be an alliance! James, while voting, said that Angie was a tough girl but he had an alliance with Steph and Bobby Jon. I really was taken back with that statement. I really thought that the girls would keep together with one guy, namely BJ. If you continue to look at the insider’s video, you see Steph voting against… Bobby Jon! What kind of alliance is that, eh James? Those crazy Ulong-ers don’t know what they want.

    James received another vote, which is looking like a weekly tradition. Since his "alliance" is probably non-existent, I don’t see him lasting much longer. He did cost them a challenge, not too long ago. How quickly those peeps forget is amazing. That’s how Rob fooled Lex, once upon a time in All-Stars.

    All in all, these guys need a change of scenery or I don’t see any of them, Steph included, lasting against the powerhouse (even divided) of Koror. All I have to say is, watch out for Coby. Knowledge is power and he has plenty of that.

    Even if there was no indication of a merge in the previews, the one going next week is probably someone from Koror. Janu is still looking sick, Caryn and Katie have gigantic targets on their backs and Ulong have to win something eventually... right?

    Gregg and Jenn -- Another Romber or not? Send me your thoughts at silverstar@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Amazing Perspective, Silvah! Good of Foreshadowing to come back to you - I'd been missing him

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    I like your thinking.

    Good that Janu, Katie and Jen figured out that the ONLY thing detrimental to the other tribe was to switch up and prevent them from voting out who they planned to (which was obvious). Immunity to anyone else would have done nothing.

    I was wondering who the 3 wise ones were, and here I had guessed that Ian would have been one of them. It also makes me think less of Coby that he didn't even pull thru for Angie once again (broken promises).

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    Great job.

    For me, the actual watching of Surivor is only half the experience thanks to you guys. The Aaaaangie reference was the cherry on top for me.

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    I especially liked the part about Willard, maybe because it's the last time that I will be reading anything about Willard. It's too bad because grump and lazy were the strategies I had hoped to use if I was ever on Survivor.

    It's good to see that your friend Foreshadowing does just look after model, that he can also travel to remote islands.

    Thanks for a very perceptive analysis, done with your usual humorous touch.

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    Nice perspecive, Silver. I found some of the voting very interesting, such as Tom voting to give immunity to his biggest rival: Bobby Jon, and the super-competitive Steph not seeming to be able to figure out who to vote for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    Aaaangie. Ain't it time we said goodbye.
    Gotta love The Stones!

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    Great analysis.

    It doesn’t look good for him either way.
    I totally agree about Ibrehem. He has been the biggest disappointment in the challenges, by far.

    Even if there was no indication of a merge in the previews, the one going next week is probably someone from Koror. Janu is still looking sick, Caryn and Katie have gigantic targets on their backs and Ulong have to win something eventually... right?
    You never know with Ulong. They're setting records for incompetence.

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    Great analysis Silver. I agree, James is an alliance of himself.
    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    Good job! I hadn't realized how hated Katie is. She already signed her own death warrant by bustin' on my Bobby Jon.

    The only thing Gregg and Rob seem to have in common is their dark hair and backstabbing ways. Rob would never have shown his cards to pantie boy.

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