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Thread: whos going home first from koror?

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    whos going home first from koror?

    I'd say the team votes off Tom because he is a threat.

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    I don't know that the votes are there to oust him yet.
    I can't see Ian, Gregg or Jen voting for him, he can't vote for himself and I don't think Katie will vote for him either.
    The group of five was mentioned by Coby last week, so as long as they hold firm they'll get the upperhand in Koror.
    I'd think they'd more likely get rid of someone like Willard as Tom is just too useful to them.

    I copuld be entirely wrong though.
    Coby's a player and he's likely to at least try to persuade someone from Tom's apparent group to vote him off.

    Should be an interesting TC.

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    And like what Coby said, Jen/Gregg/Ian/Katie/Tom is in one group and Willard/Caryn/Janu/Coby is in another, so it is pretty impossible for them to vote Tom off; I actually think the first off would be Caryn probably because of that explosive reaction in the earlier episodes;perhaps Katie still bear some grudges with her
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    I'm hopin it's Caryn.....she's drivin me nuts...

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    Beyond Coby's statement we don't have an awful lot of information about what's going on at Koror. I do think the group of five that Coby mentioned is largely safe, though I'm not as sure about Katie as the rest. It probably won't be Willard, because we haven't seen anything from him - unless you count Jeff asking who'll sit out from the challenge.

    It's almost a tossup, but I'd have to guess Caryn or Janu. I think Tom, Greg, and Ian are all safe until you have a merge or a tribal shuffle.

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    I think Janu has about an 85% chance of getting the boot. She doesn't look well (there's been rumors of heath issues), nearly got drowned by Angie (go girl!) at the last immunity challenge, and she's in the "outsiders group" with Coby, etc. Also, Tom/Ian can make it seem like she's being voted out for health concerns, so they don't come across as cannibalizing the tribe.
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    I think Leo and RBMusie are dead on. Based on screen time I'd say Caryn is going. However, depending on how serious Janu's health issues are she might be easy for the tribe to vote off. A more outside possibility is Coby if he gets caught trying to get rid of Tom and the Tom/Ian/Gregg/Jen/Katie block is solid.

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    I think Caryn or Willard - they must be tired of sitting Willard out for half the challenges. Willard is no Rudy.

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    I think we need to be careful not to take anything Coby says as Gospel. Just because he singled out those 5 people doesn't mean they are in a formal alliance. To me it means that those people respect Tom more than any other tribe member and look to him for guidance. Based on THAT I'm not worried that Katie, Gregg or Jen and certainly not Ian would vote out Tom early.

    Caryn seems to be the only one irrational and foolish enough to resent instead of appreciate the good Tom has done for Koror. I might despise Coby and his big boy panties, but he is conniving not suicidal and won't make a move against Tom at this time. I see Willard as being too smart to allow any misguided loyalty to Caryn (for choosing him over Jonathan) to sway his sense of self-preservation. I was unaware of Janu's health problems, but I think she would have to ASK to leave, before they would ditch her first.

    So, my answer is...
    Coby SHOULD be the first voted out. While his vote in the first Diatribal Council doesn't concern me, his insidious undermining will work like a cancer within the body of the tribe and will (I'm afraid) go unnoticed until it's too late. He is clearly my favs #1 threat internally.

    Caryn WILL be the first voted out. She tried to make her confrontation with Katie a private one, but Katie brought it up in front of the whole tribe. While this should say more negative things about Katie than Caryn, I doubt that it will to the others. Open discord in a relatively united tribe will be dealt with before the more dangerous undercurrents. If I were voting, I would treat her like #2 and flush her accordingly.

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    I say IF Koror loses an IC before a merge/tribe switch it will be Willard so they can keep their tribe as stong as possible.. Caryn is a close second based on the bitchy edit she has been given.

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