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Thread: Palau Perspective (Episode 4) - To Lead or Not to Lead

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    Brilliant as usual, I only have two things to add. James keeps getting voted for by the person being voted out, I'm not sure what to make of that though...

    Kim had no effective strategy, if Ashley didn't wimp out in the second round Kim would have been gone and if Jeff didn't injure himself the next round she would have gone then. I find it amazing that she thinks she has this great strategy when some of the people wanted a guy with a broken ankle to stick around more than her.

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    An excellent analysis.

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    A couple of things I've thought about.

    Firstly, excellent work as usual, Silver.

    As we now know, both tribes go to TC next ep. Janu looks like she's ready for a mercy killing like Diane and Jessie in Africa and Tanya in Thailand. But she's getting a lot of encouragement from Gregg, according to Survivor Insider - Gregg said - " I want Janu to get better because she plays a big part in how this game turns out for me down in the road."

    This says a lot ... Gregg is thinking end game ... we know he has an alliance (and a friendship) with Jenn, but to beat the Ian, Katie, Tom combo he needs 2 more people. He says he wants Janu there, and he'll probably talk to Coby at the appropriate time ... not now. he won't form an alliance with anyone from Ulong, and the lawyers will all be gone by F7.

    I think there is some sort of alliance between Ian and Katie since he picked her first, and he knows he can beat her F3 and F2. Tom should last to F4, if he makes F3 - he wins ... and by F7, or earlier, the others will plot to get rid of him. If Gregg makes F7 with Jenn, Janu and Coby in an alliance; Gregg will feel confident about winning it all by eliminating Tom, then Ian.

    I see Willard and Angie going this week. Then Ulong finishes their cannabalism by ousting James, then Bobby Jon (Stephenie and Ibrehem will knock out a stronger BJ), and then Ibrehem is the final person to report to losers lodge.

    There is one more thing I wonder about - and that is the state of Janus health. At the reunion for S9, JP looked at the camera and said "If you're just going to quit, don't bother applying" ... we've already seen Ashlee quit, and Jeff was pretty happy about leaving. Kim didn't quit, because before you can quit something you actually have to start. Is there one more person who quits, or at least begs her tribe to send her someplace to get a hot shower, a cold beer and a juicy steak ?
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    Good analysis but I disagree about Coby providing accurate insight. To be honest the only one who had anything to say about a 5 or 4 person alliance was Coby ( I think). I don't believe a word he says in his confessionals. He thinks he's smarter than he really is, what a phony. I consider him an unreliable source for what's going on with alliances.

    We can see Tom, Ian and Gregg are tight but I just don't see Katie or Jen in that group very much, even if it is by association. Katie is just useless and for that reason the others would not want her. The useless one always double deals the strong ones because that's the only way to keep themselves around. Everyone will see Jen and Gregg snuggling and automatically they will think "Romber". Why would they want to align themselves with that kind of 2 person relationship? I think "the boys" are more willing to want Janu than either Katie or Jen. Caryn is definitely on the outs by her own personality. I would say Coby is too. Not sure on Willard though, they have not given us enough information about him up to this point.

    They've been a bit cryptic in not showing us much goings on inside Koror besides the obvious. Maybe a setup for a "shock" to the viewers as to who would go after who?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverlicious
    Once again, according to Coby, (that should be a new sitcom title)

    Morale is low, they are losing immunity challenges as often as Britney Spears changes husbands and they got out-bathroomed* by Koror.
    Silver, your writing is superb and your insights are most intriguing! Thanks for the superb report. You really do have a keen eye for detail . . . not to mention your major contributions to language as we know it:

    *New term of the English language, effective immediately. Adjective, 1.Survivor-related term, used mainly when Ulong loses a bathroom-building challenge to Koror.
    Wonderful job! You rock, amiga!

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    Silver, great work with the perspective this week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    You know who Jenn is, right? The blonde girl with the big smile and more confessionals than Darrah? (Ha!)
    Holy cow! That was the best little quip right there! Oh Silverista, you did an excellent job with the analysis this week. Funny, insightful, and pretty freakin' wiley, you clever girl.

    Really crazy-delicious job, you mastermind. I bow to you. *tosses rose petals*
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