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Thread: Episode 4 recap: "It's My Potty And I'll Whine If I Want To"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Previously on Survivor, Ulong lost immunity, Kim was lazy, Angie’s bra proved inadequate to the task, James muttered unintelligible colloquialisms, and Tom carried the Koror tribe around on his back.

    From the way they’re whining, you’d think they were being randomly snatched out of camp by a giant bird

    At Ulong, the tribe is out fishing, also known as “sitting in the boat.”

    Typical of such people, they decide to just get in the car – or in this case, canoe – and decide what to do once they are confronted with an actual restaurant – or in this case, Jeff Probst.

    If she’s so smart, you’d think she’d have picked up on the “Kim is a lazy-ass” vibe and done something to ingratiate herself.

    Jesse says it all looks good, and as he makes notes on a fancy-schmancy clipboard that he probably built from Palau wood

    Quickly tossing a shovel into the forest, hiding the bong and forcing Angie to not exhale, Ulong presents a picture of “we weren’t doing anything” innocence.

    Tom does a cartwheel. Is there any skill that man doesn’t have? I bet he’s cultivating bonsai trees at the campsite and doing scrimshaw on bits of conch shell.

    It’s James vs. Coby, rematch. And after a tough tussle …. Coby wins it, giving Koror immunity – again – and striking a blow for the gay community everywhere by managing to beat up a southern redneck.

    Kim blows her tribe a kiss goodbye, then – limp with the exertion that took – ambles down the path.

    Excellent job, Lucy!
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    As motivational speeches go, I’ve heard worse. As ironic foreshadowing goes, I’ve heard better.

    Not only does no one want to volunteer to be the representative, no one can even decide how they should choose a representative. Draw names from a hat? Draw straws? We don’t know! Gah, the pressure! These are the sort of people that, if asked where they wanted to go eat, would drive you crazy with their “I don’t care, anywhere is fine” crap, when you know if you suggest Italian they’ll want Chinese.

    In fact, not only is the new bathroom specifically tailored TO James, it’s tailored BY James; he has nailed a stake in the heart of democracy, at least temporarily, and is most definitely In Charge of this challenge.

    ...or C)she was recruited onto the show solely for her near-superhuman ability to sit perfectly still and gaze idly into the distance for days on end.

    Kim Sits on the Beach, Part 738

    Why no one seems to actually say to Kim, “we’re tired of your lazy ass” is beyond me. It’s not like they can’t catch up with her.

    ..James says. “I tell you what, that boy right there got an ass behind him.” Hm, sounds like there’s an ass right in front of us.
    Side-splittingly funny. I don't know why I even bother to watch the show when your recaps are so much more entertaining.

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    Fantastic, as-always-witty recap, Lucy Liu! Woo hoo! The fact that you fit in a scrimshaw mention just made me guffaw out bits of a chocolate chip granola bar.

    Everybody nabbed my quotes, as I'm a tardy responder. But you know I's in luv with it. *plays banjo* Fantastic job, Lu lu!
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