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Thread: 3/3 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene
    i'm afraid tom and ian will have targets on their backs as soon as they merge cuz people will see them as the strongest and the biggest threat. we'll come down to a f4 of caryn, katie, kim, and james... scary!
    I don't know. The knuckleheads of Ulong are all about strength. They haven't contemplated anything but keeping the strongest around. The challenges have proven that only the strong survive. Tom has a combination of strength and smarts. I would hang with him until at least F4 and then consider weighing the options.

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    I am thinking right now that Tom, Ian, Bobby Jo, and Angie would make a nice final 4. And if they all make the merge that is quite possible, given the amount of respect Bobby Jo seems to have towards Tom, and the unexpected friendship Bobby Jo and Angie have.

    This season in general is surprising, everyone is likeable to some degree, even Kim. She is not as annoying as, say, Heidi and Jenna were. And now that Jeff is out I expect Kim to step up some, she knows she has a target in her back. Although, on the other hand the worse she does, the safer some other folks (whom I like much more than her) are...
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I need to know where all the clothes (not the diapers and sarongs they've invented) are coming from! They all seem to have different lil outfits on each time they talk in confessional.

    Also, I am liking the fact that Ulong moved to the other beach.. the overgrowth of trees hanging over the water helps with attracting fish/wildlife. Aesthetically, it seems much better.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    I also wonder if we are going to have a repeat of the original pick 'em where the representatives for each tribe make the initial pick and then the first person picked picks the second and so on. That would be great in a lot of ways. I'm guessing Angie wouldn't be the last woman picked this time.
    hey, i have the impression that there's 2 extra people right now compared to the usual number at this point - am I right?

    that could definitely point to another round of 'high school pick em'. Now THAT would be interesting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawg
    Jonathan jumped off the boat early, putting a bulls-eye on his back very early, although the same tactic didn't hurt Stephenie at all. Jonathan contributed more on the first day too.

    But, it wasn't Koror that chose Willard ... the choice was Caryns. Did she choose him because he is a more likely candidate to be eliminated before her? Or did she just think he would have more life skills and wisdom than Jonathan ? I don't think they knew on Day 2 how physical the game would be. Afterall, Survivor is a social game, and for the first half of the game that requires teamwork. Did she think Willard would be a better team player ?

    I think this would be a good question to ask her at Survivor Live - since there is no way she is going to win this game.
    I don't know. Maybe she made an alliance with Willard that we didn't see. You may be right in that she was thinking ahead in choosing Willard, he would go before her. As far as challenges go, Caryn, Willard, and Coby are definitely dead weight. I'm beginning to like Angie for being very gutsy in the challenges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    How do you cook shark...? boiled..? fried...or poached...?
    How about just plain ole Sushi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Tom is a tough SOB isn't he, even if he lost? I mean Jeff is HOW much younger?
    I was quite impressed with him

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    i'm surprised so many people like angie

    i cant stand her and i cant wait for her torch to be snuffed

    its not anything that's shes done, she's way more valuable than caryn/katie/willard/kim/coby i just dont like her personally

    she was too hung up on being picked last, and i'm sure she's still holding a grudge on that

    and she doesnt seem loyal

    my ideal final 4 would be ian/tom/bobby jon/gregg

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    I posted in the wrong week's thread
    So, I copied and pasted it. I was reading through all the posts and wondering what happened to mine (duh)

    hi all
    I agree with a lot of ppl who say Tom is the man!! Making N.Y firemen very proud. Not too hard on the eyes either. Love that N.Y accent.

    the southern guy (forget his name)
    I don't like him and hated the comment he made regarding women.
    As soon as he said that I thought see ya.
    It was something like, "a woman only has sexuality as a strength". Can't remember exactly but, it was so male chavanistic.

    I also thought Jeff was quitting and thought it was wimpy. All for the team I think not.
    Whoever said that about Angie (name right I hope) (tatoos) that they were glad she put a top on
    How about a bottom!!!!!! Cover up girl!
    that challenge looked brutal. Good for the girl that stayed with it! That would be Stephanie. Whatta toughie. Good for her.

    I'm not too sure about Angie either. Your not alone there. When a woman walks around and pretends she doesn't know her (can I type this) ...well the headlights are showin...c'mon! She may be comfortable with it but, people need to think about making other people comfortable. The screw it who cares attitude is OK to a point. Know what I mean?
    Anyway, I loved reading ALL these posts. I was really laughing at a lot of them. I should be on here while watching the show. Maybe make it a bit more interesting.
    After reading the posts I thought it was crazy too with the sharks. They were out pretty far.
    Nice spear

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    Good show last nite.

    Very impressed with Tom, Ian and Gregg in the Immunity Challenge. Also with Stephanie, that is one strong woman. I just wish they would have more than the one token strong female.

    I really would have liked it if the producers had posted the time on the screen, so we could know how long each player lasted.

    Again Angie did really well in the RC.

    I really don't think Ulong should be that upset as far as challenges go it has been 50/50. Ulong has won all but one reward challenge and Koror has won all the IC. The trouble with Ulong, per James, they don't need no stinking leader so I guess they can't figure out which challenge they need to win.

    At first I was offended by James comment about Kim and that all she had to work with was her sexuality. I thought he was generalizing about all woman, until the tribal council and when he gave his reason as to why he was voting her off. (laziness). James and Bobby Jon really dislike her.

    I disagree with James as I have seen Kim use another talent. She stands around and does encourage people. As when Bobby Jon was getting coconuts, watching Jeff chop coconuts, and during the IC when she yelled out encouragement to her sweaty teammates as she sat on the beach. Lets be honest here that is 2 things I have seen her do. After all we all need encouragement.

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