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Thread: 3/3 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Well I'm still perplexed as to why Koror chose Willard over Jonathan when they were picking teams. I have not seen Willard pull his weight on any of the challenges, what good is he? He's the weakest male of any tribe, he can't even swim! What does he bring to the table? I'm not really liking him because he doesn't have personality and he's weak. He and Kim should be in the boot list.

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    I'm surprised that James was surprised at seeing his name come up. Jeff had to vote for somebody and it couldn't be himself, and it certainly wouldn't be Kim since he didn't want to vote against his own leaving. So he voted against someone who was most openly antagonistic towards him.

    The immunity challenge was awesome. I loved the idea of having to catch up to the other team, and the decisions they had to make about carrying the bags. Best challenge I've seen!
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    I too have wondered a bit about James' accent. I know it's basically real, but it seems as if he's twanging it up a bit perhaps to get some people to stereotype him and not view him as a threat.

    I've really liked the challenges so far. They've been very physically demanding but there has been quite a bit of strategy involved as well. During the IC I was watching to see how the tribes would deal with the weight, if one of them would try and overload one of their members until they were exhausted and then transfer the weight to the fresher ones for the finish. The challenge could have gone on indefinitely but it was obvious by the end that Ulong had nothing left.

    There seems to have been many challenges so far where the players who weren't even sitting out could "opt out" but then make it harder for the rest of the tribe. If it keeps up this system could really hurt Ulong - they don't have weaker players who can just drop out and stop slowing down the rest of the tribe. If everyone competes Ulong should have the advantage but until they start cutting their weaker players they are going to be in trouble.

    Once again there is a tribe that appears stronger (Ulong) but that lacks a leader or any semblance of a plan. Tom is holding Koror together and has a nice mentor thing going with Ian. People like Bobby Jon, James, Angie, and Stephanie have a lot of the skills to really compete in this game but they need to work together and start picking up some IC wins. Unless they can turn it around, any stragglers will be quickly picked off after a merge.
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    Just a quick comment to note that Ian had a big advantage in the IC. Because of his height it was a lot easier for him to move through the water (waist deep for him, chest deep for others). Recall that Koror caugth Oolong just at they were moving into the deeper water.

    Also, I loved Angie in the RC. I was laughing my guts out as she kept crawling up on Gregg's head.

    I'm getting a real "Dara from Pearl Islands vibe" out of Jennifer. She is sooooo UTR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    Oh, and I forgot to drool for Tom. He is one sexy beast.
    Tom is so hot, and I'm only 24. Its even hotter he's a firefighter.

    Ian is my other favorite, because a guy I work with knows him from college so we discuss Survivor every day pretty much. Its an added bonus that he is awesome on the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonasGrumby
    Well I'm still perplexed as to why Koror chose Willard over Jonathan when they were picking teams.
    Jonathan jumped off the boat early, putting a bulls-eye on his back very early, although the same tactic didn't hurt Stephenie at all. Jonathan contributed more on the first day too.

    But, it wasn't Koror that chose Willard ... the choice was Caryns. Did she choose him because he is a more likely candidate to be eliminated before her? Or did she just think he would have more life skills and wisdom than Jonathan ? I don't think they knew on Day 2 how physical the game would be. Afterall, Survivor is a social game, and for the first half of the game that requires teamwork. Did she think Willard would be a better team player ?

    I think this would be a good question to ask her at Survivor Live - since there is no way she is going to win this game.
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    Man are these challenges PHYSICAL!! I couldn't even believe the IC last night. Brutal!
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    how can you all dislike willard? we haven't even seem much of koror cuz they keep winning the IC and when we do see them, it's usually just tom, ian, and caryn.

    i'm afraid tom and ian will have targets on their backs as soon as they merge cuz people will see them as the strongest and the biggest threat. we'll come down to a f4 of caryn, katie, kim, and james... scary!

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    I thought it was funny in the preview where they showed Ulong arriving after the treemail instructing them to pick one person that we hear JP ask increduously if one of the tribes still hasn't picked a representative. They tried to make you think it was Ulong but I wonder if it 's actually Koror. I also wonder if we are going to have a repeat of the original pick 'em where the representatives for each tribe make the initial pick and then the first person picked picks the second and so on. That would be great in a lot of ways. I'm guessing Angie wouldn't be the last woman picked this time.
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    Can anyone post the gist of Jeff's parting words and who voted for whom at TC? In CanWest Global's infinite wisdom, they decided to pre-empt the closing credits with a commercial for a special they are airing! :nono

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