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Thread: 3/3 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    They are going to go back and have a toga party.

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    with apologies to Harry Belefonte...I tripped on a coconut and got to get voted off...

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    Blue coconuts

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    Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight!!

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    A rather boring episode in general, I think.

    I did notice Angie made herself a toga-like thingie towards the end there. Just as I suspected, none of them can sew, all they are doing is making wraps and using pins and knots to hold it together.

    I think we'll be seeing them do more losing now that one of their big strong men is gone. Angie can't win everything for them every time.

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    So far the rewards have been geared more to wards individual achievement while the IC has been a team thing. That's why Ulong keeps going back to TC. They'll probably switch it up next time and make the IC more of an individual thing within the team

    Wow, another quitter on Ulong, no surprise there. Ibrahim looks like a quitter too. Give it a couple more days and he will give up also. Can't believe just how dumb Kim is. She opens her mouth and proves all the "blond jokes" to be true.

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    Oh phooey, it looks like they're going to do some tribe rearrangement next time. Hope not. I don't actually like any of the people on Ulong, although I now like Bobby Jon a lot better. I thought he had a really good point about even crippled, Jeff was worth more than Kim. I don't want them to be rewarded with strong team members after they've lost 3 immunity challenges in a row.

    Bet they wish they'd kept Jolanda now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    Hi Piney! Yup, yup. The Bachelorette Finale killed my television the other night and I think it even killed my car, too, 'cause even that broke today and I just got back from taking it to the garage.

    Just hooked up the little 2.5 inch t.v. for this.

    Luckily nobody on Survivor has lips as big as John Paul had on the The Bachelorette, so at least I can see the beautiful scenery on this show.

    I hate that I was late!!

    And I'm sorry that Jeff leff.
    I saw your post in the discussion forum. Is your car fixed now?

    I was hoping they would actually vote off Kim instead of Jeff. I think Jeff with a sprained ankle (or whatever it was) is better than Kim period.

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    i'm lovin tom!

    koror rocks

    i cant believe they got rid of jeff, i mean i understand it....but the only strong people on that team now are ibrehem(though i have to wonder) bobby jon and stephanie...bobby jon should not have been carying 80 pounds with ibrehem carrying what? 20???

    james seems kinda useless

    i had to laugh when bobby jon said tom kicked thier butts

    and jeff said, kill koror???

    sorry i dont see that happening anytime soon

    i think they are gonna maybe switch the teams next week....very similar to what they did with marauumu

    which sucks, i like koror

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    Hopefully Koror will band together and get rid of the rest of the Ulong tribe.
    There's no place like home!

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