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Thread: 2/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Wheeled, I am thinking that she had just distanced herself earlier than they let us see. One of the publicity blurbs before the show aired was about one person being reclusive from their group. I think most people just assumed it was going to be Angie, and I, too, was actually surprised to see that it was Ashlee. It must have been more evident than we were shown.
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    hi all
    I agree with a lot of ppl who say Tom is the man!! Making N.Y firemen very proud. Not too hard on the eyes either. Love that N.Y accent.

    the southern guy (forget his name)
    I don't like him and hated the comment he made regarding women.
    As soon as he said that I thought see ya.
    It was something like, "a woman only has sexuality as a strength". Can't remember exactly but, it was so male chavanistic.

    I also thought Jeff was quitting and thought it was wimpy. All for the team I think not.
    Whoever said that about Angie (name right I hope) (tatoos) that they were glad she put a top on
    How about a bottom!!!!!! Cover up girl!
    that challenge looked brutal. Good for the girl that stayed with it!

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