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Thread: 2/24 Show Previews

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    2/24 Show Previews


    'Survivor Palau': Early Exhaustion?

    February 24, 2005
    Ratings champ "Survivor: Palau" continues it's butt-kicking path of pushing campers' limits with exhausting challenges this week, as drama surrounds episode two!

    In its 10th season debut last Thursday, three castaways got their early exit tickets, but this week it looks like we're back to just one sad departure.


    Indie chick ANGIE will struggle to find her place in Ulong's camp this week, and the others will notice her reclusive behavior. Will her fear of being on the "chopping block" come true?

    Dolphin trainer and Koror's tribe member IAN also finds himself in danger this week, as he goes on an underwater salvage mission -- and overestimates his abilities in the water.

    Also this week: Alliances are formed and one tribe's beach is crashed by some "unwelcome" ocean-dwelling critters!

    The two tribes are:

    ULONG: Bobby Jon, Stephenie, Angie, Jeff, Ibrehem, Kimberly, James, Ashlee

    KOROR: Ian, Katie, Tom, Janu, Gregg, Jennifer, Coby, Caryn, Willard

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    Interesting how they are doling out the info as the episode's air time approaches. Everyone anticipated that Ian would be leading the "fire" recovery operation but does this mean that he does not succeed or is it more Burnett misdirection?

    Angie as the recluse is kind of obvious but there was a preview indicating that a previously under-regarded player surprised with his/her performance in the reward challenge. I thought it might be Angie but now I am thinking Willard.

    Most important question for me: Is the episode someone quits. Ever since Jeff made his "Quitters need not apply" speech at the Vanuatu wrap party, there has been heavy speculation that Palau has at least one walk-off. Tonight could be it given the screencaps we have seen showing a nasty combination of rain and rats.

    Have we seen rats before on previous Survivors? I know that would make it tough for me to sleep!

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