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Thread: What would you do to prepare?

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    The first thing I would do would be to study who, what, how and why the first 2-3 people were voted off in each season and then try like mad to not make the same mistakes.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the "survival" aspects of Survivor (although being able to swim like a fish seems to be a prerequisite.) I would focus more on learning interpersonal skills. Somehow, I don't think that my normal curmudgeonly self would do well.
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    Play poker.

    Seriously, though, I think the most important thing you have to prepare for in Survivor is the ability to read other people. People are going to come up to you and say they will take you to the final two, never vote for you, etcetera... you have to be able to tell if they're lying or not. (Which I why I, tongue-in-cheek, suggested poker.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiyoku
    Ooo!! I would take yoga ...
    I wouldn't take yoga. For one, it would spoil very quickly. For another, it would be eaten before long .... no, wait .... I'm talking about yogurt!

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    1) Basic Survival techniques. Fire building, Fishing, etc.

    2) Lots of Mensa Mental Memory and Problems Solving Games. A lot of the games on Survivor are based on some game I saw in the Games Magazine a few years back. I would probably do a lot of these while fatigued from sleep or during an intense workout.

    3) Read up on Psychology and Sociology techniques.

    4) Strength train and work out for endurance. (Balance and Aerobic)

    5) Lots of Piliates and Yoga.

    6) Eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep. =)

    7) Oh and Practice on Sims. lol

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    I like the yoga/pilates ideas!! Great!

    I think I would really work on my inter-personal skills too. I am not always the most social--even though I am pretty intuitive as far as knowing when someone is lying to me. I would need to cultivate that skill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SurvivorPirate

    I always wondered how much of the survivors first day clothing is staged to get that "shipwrecked" look so preparing better clothes might not work out.
    On Survivor Live last week Jo said that they told them what they had to wear. Jo said she had brought specific clothing but they did not allow them to take them on the island. She was kind of mad because she had expensive pumps that she had to wear, then they cut the heels off before they found out that their good shoes were hidden on the island.

    Producers manipulate the contestants as much as the do the footage.

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    I would swim. Lift weights. Run. But... I would never try out for this show as I like eating at regular intervals, and sleeping on a comfortable bed.

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    Strangely, no one has mentioned writing a lot of songs so you can sing them to the other team members...

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    1. I'd hire a personal trainer at a local gym to help me get into the best shape I could before I went on the show.

    2. I'd hire a swimming instructor to teach me how to a great swimmer.

    3. I'd read everything I could find about the location of my Survivor season. I'd want to know all about the weather, plants, animals, and history.

    4. I'd carefully decide what would be the very best outfit for my Survivor season. I'd want something that could both keep me warm and keep me cool. I'd want running shoes.

    5. I'd learn about how to make a fire from scratch and practice doing it.

    6. I'd practice throwing spears, darts, slingshots, and archery.

    7. I'd try to gain some extra weight just before the beginning of the game.

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