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Thread: Palau Perspective (Episode 1) - Roll Tide Roll

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    OK, am I the only one who is alarmed by the level of phat's insight? Anyone who can glean that much information in some 40 minutes of TV must surely have amassed a wealth of knowledge about his fellow FORTers who spend so much time here.

    (You're......ah.......not keeping files on us all, are you phat?)

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    Fantastic observations, phatster. 'Twas so in depth, I felt like I was THERE, man! Very thorough, shrewd job.
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    I'm definetly rooting for the Ulong tribe.

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    This much face time make me suspect that Coby is either (a) destined to go far in the game, and the producers want you to get to know Coby (and love or hate Coby), or (b) Coby is going to be a big personality (and perhaps a big influence) on this game.

    Or (c) Coby will be getting voted off very soon.

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    Great work phat!

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    Totally agree, this is going to be the Coby and Caryn show. Coby is very shrewd and I'm sure the other survivors, in the beginning, are totally going to underestimate him. When push comes to shove though, I'll bet Caryn will side with Coby against Tom.

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    Nice work, Phat! Thanks!

    I also thought Coby's NOT choosing Angie in the team pick 'em was a wise move...but for different reasons. I think he KNEW Angie would make the cut, since Wanda was already annoying with her (bad) camp songs. And, with a semi-alliance already struck with her, having her on the other team could end up being a great move--IF(I know it's a big IF) both make it to the eventual merge OR if there is ever a team shake-up, and they both end up together.

    Coby's a player!
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    When Coby chose his next tribe mate, Angie was still waiting on the beach. He (wisely) chose Caryn. You may disagree with his choice because of the "understanding" he had with Angie, but Coby, again, is shrewd.
    I know a lot of people, including Angie, saw Coby's decision as a backstabbing, but the selection of Caryn did seem rather delightfully random, which is really what you want it to be when you don't know anyone too well and don't want to draw attention to the fact that you've formed an early alliance.

    Had Angie not been selected last she might have been able to see that it was wasn't wise for Coby to telegraph their alliance by selecting her.
    Coby was also trying to cover himself by not selecting the out of shape, strange girl too, imo.

    I don't want to give him too much kudos though as I did feel some of his play was a little clumsy.

    Finally, observe how Tom spoke up for Koror when Probst asked them to choose whether to stay at their current beach or to relocate to another. This wasn't a choice with a right or wrong answer, really; this was a choice that needed somebody simply to speak up and give an answer. Tom recognized that and did; the others followed his lead.
    I agree that Tom slotted into the leader role perfectly.
    Not because he shamelessly decided to grab the spot, but because the others just seemed to naturally think he was the one to defer to.

    This will likely serve him well while the tribes remain as they are, but I can see him being targeted for the boot pretty quickly after the merge (assuming there is one), particularly if the other tribes gets the numerical advantage.

    Great analysis, phat
    A sterling week for you having written both the Perspective and the recap.
    Wonderful job

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