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Thread: 2/17 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    How many months BEFORE getting on the island did Coby practice making his pink polo into a skirt? You just know he did.. I can see him standing in the mirror..turning to the side, looking... critiquing the look.
    Too bad Angie didn't plan 'the look'.. or did she?

    Why was everyone sobbing over the loss of Wanda/Jonathan?? The theatrics were a bit much. As if they reallllly wanted them to stay. :rolleyes

    I would have been busting up laughing at Wanda singing. Not crying.
    I agree about Coby, 1 episode and already I can't stand him. He's taking credit for getting Johnathan kicked but the fact is, it was Caryn that decided between the last 2 men. I think she only chose Willard because of his age and the possibility that if the young vote off the old, they at least have each other as an ally. If that fruitloop had come up to me and said "don't pick Johnathan" i'd openly agree just to not make waves, but picked who I wanted instead. Everyone has their own agenda, why would I make it easier for Coby to last longer? With that personality, he'll get booted early, all on his own.

    I think they were upset just because they were responsible for getting them kicked before anything even started. Your there to win yeah, but it seems kind of cruel to do the schoolyard pickem. Especially since so many of them were relieved when they did get picked. Its an awful feeling being the 2 not picked or suffering through the picking, praying you won't be the one. I do feel bad for Wanda and Johnathan on how they went out. Wanda had a good attitude about it though. I liked this episode.

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    I think the dumbest move in this episode was Koror choosing to go to a new camp. When they made that decision, I went..."whoa!! why would you go some place unfamiliar and waste your energy by rebuilding another camp????" Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    Next dumb move is for Wanda to start singing crazy that lead to her not getting picked. I was glad she was gone right away because I'm only a viewer yet I'm already annoyed of her at the get go. She even sang on the way out (poor Jonathan had to listen to her for the entire boat ride!).

    3rd dumb move is for Jonathan and Stephanie to jump so soon in the water thinking that they can outswim the boat. This put a target on them.

    4th dumb move is for Jolanda to start being annoyingly bossy. Doesn't she know that the more you stick your head out, the easier for it to be getting cut off with an axe?

    Going back to Jonathan. Aside from the fact that he jumped too soon in the water, Coby was already scheming to get rid of him. I don't know why, perhaps Coby learned that Jonathan is a homophobe. I actually thought that he will get picked over the older guy. Stephanie was lucky because there was Angie and Wanda who are more unlikeable than her. Coby had an alliance with Angie and that other girl he picked. I think he was torn between the two but he didn't want people to know that he has an alliance with Angie so he didn't pick her or it will be obvious.

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    Caryn was going to pick another elder. Willard and her are going to be close.

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    I loved this episode, and hope the rest of the season lives up to the first episode. Weird as Wanda was, I was hoping she'd be around for awhile, and I'm so glad tattooed girl made it. It seems like Coby is running the show, and I'm not sure whether I like him or not, but I think he'll be interesting. That black woman would have driven me insane, had she stayed I would have asked the tribe to vote me off. How can a lawyer be so dumb as to behave like that and not expect repercussions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art_930
    I haven't seen this answered yet as to why Jonathan was canned. He was the guy who jumped off the boat when they first arrived. Obviously put a big target on him. I think Stephanie managed to deflect the target by immediately bonding with the others while Jonathan wasn't as savvy.
    Part of it was that everyone was wondering who would be off the boat going for immunity first. That targets you right there as being very aggressive, and a possible big physical rival. Part of the game means taking out your rival. When everyone landed on the beach and they didn't know if they were on team or what it is a good idea to plan seeds of who should go, and that is exactly what Coby did.

    I also would remember that Stephanie let others row while she pondered the moment when to jump ship. She was the first to jump ship. She was brutal in the challenge, not a team player, and she cut to the bone after the challenge immediately trying to target Jolanda for losing, because Jolanda wanted the fire and it was the last box and taking too long to untie.

    Stephanie would backstab anyone in a minute and she needs to be watched.

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    Yeah, Stephenie could be a good, evil, possibly female Boston Rob, and I hope she sticks around. I'm tired of there not being good female strategists(aside from Kelly G and Ami, wow 2 :rolleyes) and plus Stephenie will probably be good at challenges(aside from this past one since she's a Lacrosse player) so I hope she makes it. I want all the strong people to make it far. I'm SO sick of watching all the threats get the boot; it's what makes TAR so much better, the worthy make it far, unlike this show, and with lots of alphas this season, I'm REALLY hoping that'll happen. It could easily happen on Ulong anyway: Bobby, Ibrehem, Jeff, Stephenie, and then Jeff could bring Kim in. I hope that happens and they get rid of James. Ugh, still can't stand him from his horrible pre show video.

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    Not a horrible start for Survivor but got sucked in by the "teasers" into thinking the opening episode was going to be more exciting than it was....just like every other season so far! LOL
    Everyone has pretty much commented in a way that has reflected my thoughts, snarky and otherwise, but here a just a couple of my thoughts.

    1. The whole clothing thing. They've dumped the survivors with the clothes on their backs before so these survivors missed that season why? I would go to that island looking like the Michelin Tire Guy before I'd go in a thong and stilettos. And if they try to fool you with the old "publicity photos" thing...just remember that the prize money can go for better pics so wear sensible, ugly layers everyone!

    2. Wanda's singing? Thank you for the kickball mentality of picking the tribes!

    3. I always say if you can't be stranded on an island with Usher and Sean Connery then an adequate substitute is acceptable. Thank you Mr. Burnett for Ibe and Tom...thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

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    Danger Bunny
    As I posted in another thread I normally don't watch this show but I decided to give it another go and ended up enjoying it. I watched the first episode and part of the second episode last (?) season but they lost me when the show devolved into almost nothing but scheming, plotting, alliance building, backstabbing, etc. I know a lot of people love that stuff but it just annoys me. Thankfully that stuff was kept to a minimum the other night, but I'll have to wait and see if the rest of the season is as good.

    Now to rant a bit... I don't watch the show and I know you have to be prepared for anything, I know the producers are going to be adding new twists and turns.
    • I'd be in my "survivor outfit"* when I got on the plane and at all times after that.
    • I would have practiced starting a fire without matches from the day I sent in my application.
    • I would have read everything I could about the previous seasons particularly any behind-the-scenes info I could lay my internet connection on.
    • I would have had friends record me doing day-to-day stuff then watch it to see how I come off.
    • I would have bulked up (the theoretical me, the real me doesn't need it), you gotta know you're barely going to be eating for six weeks and your body is going to be consuming itself so you've got to give it something to consume.
    • I would have taken survival training.
    • Practiced building using palm trees.
    • Practiced swimiing, rowing, climbing.
    • Exercised, exercised, exercised.

    * My survivor outfit (pretty much off the top of my head)
    • Lycra shorts/swim trunks (two if it's not too uncomfortable)
    • Regular shorts (i.e. Hawaiian type shorts, but in camouflage)
    • Combat type pants (heavy cotton/hemp with lots of pockets)
    • Undershirt
    • T-Shirt
    • Flannel shirt
    • Combat type heavy shirt (heavy cotton/hemp with lots of pockets)
    • Tilley hat
    • Two pairs of socks
    • Combat boots
    • Gloves
    • Prescription sun glasses (even though I don't really need glasses)
    Then I would modify everything to build in as much stuff as possible, for example buckles on the boots/belt that I can use to make sparks, spare socks sewed into the inner pant leg, rope, twine and fishing line sewn into the cuffs/seams of everything, fish-hooks hidden somewhere (e.g. into the back of buttons that look purely decorative). Since the show is probably going to be taking place in a tropical local I'd un-sew the pants and re-sew them using fishing line.

    Anything I'm not specifically prohibited from taking I'm taking if I can sneak it past them.
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    It looks to me like you'd be among, if not the best prepared first bootie ever, Danger Bunny.

    Once the others saw what a good job you'd done in preparing, with all that implies, you'd be too great a threat to keep around.

    Drifting into fantasyland, once a GI Joe or Jane like you describe was evicted, it would be delicious for them to drift into the brush on their way to Loser Lounge, deciding to make things interesting for the others, even if not to the case of actively plotting retribution.

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    I kind of understand picking the new beach - they would be away from Ulong, and there was the possibility of more accessible food on the new beach (like on Vanuatu, the women had a ton more accessible food on their beach). Would I have chosen that? No. But I can see some of the risks that may be worth taking.

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