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Thread: 2/17 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    In an effort to avoid being confused by all the new faces I studied all the bio's prior to this season starting and formed a core group of people I was interested in watching.

    They are: Koror (brown team)... the entire freaking team

    That really weirded me out that all the people I wanted to see ended up on the same team. In addition to them I was interested in watching Angie although I didn't think she would make it far. I also wanted to watch Jolanda, since she is from my city I thought I would give her props although I wasn't comfortable with her smirk/smile and thought she would end up being a b****.

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    I understand the thong better than the high heels...how can you strip for peannut butter and get an offer from an adult magazine...if your not already in a string bikini or something equally provokative....still you would think they would dress for the 39 days once they are there.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethw12000
    I was hoping whoever got the "new" campsite would have some kind of benefit for going there, but I guess not.
    I would bet that is what they were hoping for too! NOT...


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    Going to the new camp was not smart, I'm rooting for this team though, and the freaky tatoo girl. She's fab

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    This episode was a million times better than Vanuatu's premiere. I enjoyed it and actually understand why Jo was voted off. I didn't want to see her go but she brought it on herself so tough nuggets, hun. Don't be bossy! Fails every time.

    I'm really looking forward to next week. It should be a good episode. One thing I hope though is that they switch up the tribes a lot, like every couple of episodes, just to really screw with everyone's alliances.

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    I'll reiterate what others have already said:
    It's SURVIVOR!! If they stick you in a rowboat (even if you don't think the game has started yet), dress for success ...that means no high heels, no fancy dresses and please wear your public undies. Before you go, learn how to swim, row a boat, chop down coconuts and build a fire. Have they never watched the show?! :rolleyes
    I liked this episode ...a great start to this season! Can't wait for next week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    The Jerri Manthey look alike has climbed to the back of the boat and is just sitting there obviously waiting to leap to give herslef a better shot at getting to shore first.

    I'd push her and row over her.
    She actually said in her confessional, "as we were rowing...".
    I never saw her pick up an oar and row. I was laughing my butt off when she jumped and the boat passed her and Jonathan. That's what they get for morons!

    It's going to be fun watching James, the hick-sounding guy. He's one funny character.

    Wanda marked herself for early elimination with that horrendous wailing. Even the nice-looking Willard was ready to knock her off the boat.

    Coby not picking his freaky-tatooed friend, Angie, was just cold. This move could come and haunt him later on. Not sure why Coby targeted Jonathan. Maybe because he had a crush on him, and Jonathan didn't give him the time of day.

    So far, I'm liking the Koror tribe. The boat overturning and losing the flint was just bad luck, but moving to another island to start from scratch when you already had shelter at the first island, was just a bad, bad move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Covaleskie

    Sign me up for the "Tom fan-wagon." In fact, overall, "Brown team" has my favorites: Tom, Caryn, Janu, Ian, and Willard.

    Anyone else notice Ashlee? I can't quite pin-point what it was she said in confessional that struck me, but she seems to have a good "under the radar" start. I believe (and anyone who DVRed, TiVoed, or just plained taped the show is welcome to confirm/deny for me) that she was in the voting against Jolanda group, but never initiated anything. She wasn't the first pick for Team Blue, but she wasn't the last, and like I said, something she said in confessional made me think that she was planning, and yet, had the sense to stay back.
    Hope you're right, Tom and Ashlee are the 2 I have in my office pool...

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    Encore Presentation?

    Does anyone know if CBS will rebroadcast the premiere episode sometime this weekend?

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    I looked in my TV listings. It doesn't appear that they will be re-running it.

    I picked Tom Firefighter for my fave guy and Caryn for my fave woman before the show started. I still feel that way. Of course, that is always subject to change.

    The TV Guide channel was having a preview show on at about 6 p.m. I missed the first half hour, but watched the second. Stephenie was one of those shown commenting on previous players. Her favorite was Boston Rob, she liked him for the way he controlled and manipulated everyone. So, I guess her actions tonight aren't too surprising. My current prediction: Few people will like her at all!

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