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Thread: Jeff Probst/CBS Media Call Notes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    A reporter noted that in the past there have been big twists and big lies, such as Johnny Fairplay. Is there something this year?

    Jeff responded that there is not a single dramatic event this year along the lines of some in the past. However, he did say there are “more firsts this season than any other.” He explained that as he went through his notes on the show he found more and more times where he noted that something that occurred had never happened before in the game. He wasn’t willing to give more details than that.
    Even Survivor One??

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    Is this right ???

    An example of just how firmly ingrained Survivor's locations are in people's minds was brought home to Burnett in a knowledge survey conducted by National Geographic at the time Survivor: Marquesas was being played on TV.

    College students across the U.S. were asked to find three locations on a map -- Iraq, Afghanistan and the Marquesas. Fewer than 25 per cent could find Iraq or Afghanistan, while more than half could point out the Marquesas.

    This quote was found on the second page of

    The Ottawa Citizen

    The article starts with ...

    Never assume.

    That's a fair rule of thumb for life in general, but after nine series of Survivor and a cumulative audience of more than 250 million viewers, Mark Burnett realized contenders for his show were becoming a little too presumptuous for his liking.

    So when Survivor: Palau debuts, two castaways will be sent packing right off the bat. Another will be gone by the time the first hour is over.

    Burnett's message to the competitors is plain: This is my show, not yours. I alone decide which way the wind blows. And it doesn't matter how closely you studied the other Survivors before signing on to do this one.

    Burnett believed complacency is anathema to good television.

    I find those statements make S10 worth watching before it even starts. But then, I have always taken the attitude that I'm going to enjoy it.
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    Great recap Bill.

    This should be a very interesting beginning. I wonder when they find out how the teams are going to be divided. I love the notion that nothing could prepare them for this season! Just when you thought you had the game figured out.

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    Thanks Bill, great info!

    Are you going to be doing a Palau Pete report for this season? I love getting your insight into the game. You are always able to get past personal likes and dislikes of the people and really analyze the game. Plus all the other forters have really great input too.

    Yes, I am a big ol' Survivor nerd and I'm about to burst because I can not wait until tonite!
    "There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." – B. Russell

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    Zerfley, there will be be a Palau Pete report this season, and it will involved a rotating pool of FORT writers who are survivor fans. I think it is going to be a great addition to the report, and provide a lot of different views and insights.
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    You did a great job putting that together Bill I know those calls are sometimes long, and somehow at the same time very quick

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    Thanks Bill for all the info. Enjoyed what Jeff had to say.

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    Thanks so much Bill. Great job summarizing the conversation.
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    Obligatory question about Jeff and Julie

    Yes they are still together, and Jeff spoke glowingly of his relationship. He is “in love” and not “just dating”. His words, not mine.
    I've very happy for him and Julie if they're truly in love. Maybe one day she'll become Mrs. Julie Probst and mini Jeffs!
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    He felt the biggest challenge from this would be the fact that they have no map, or any hint as to where water is. On top of that, they are not initially divided into any tribes, nor is any explanation given as to when or if that could happen. Jeff thinks the survivors will be on guard right from the start, wondering what will happen next.
    I am confused about this, because I clearly remember the survivors using a map to find their water, and there being at least one machete for their use. Anyone else remember this?
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