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Thread: Episode 1 Preview: 02/17 **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    Hey now!!! Guys are GOOD at reading maps....it's the "asking for directions" part that usually throws us. Me? I actually ask for directions and hints BEFORE I leave. That way, I'm not that driver that everyone hates that makes a last second switch from the far right lane to the left turning lane. And, with mapquest these days, It's way easier than having to ask for directions.

    Although....I'm doubting the survivors were allowed to use a computer.
    Well you are one of the few. Today I had to ask for directions 2 guys and a girl none were helpful. They lived in the area and I had a map. We were at a mall and they didn't know where we were on the map. Totally clueless, but all were under 20. Then at Mickey D's a guy and girl did help me and they were right. There is hope.

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    I'm so excited for the first episode to premiere!! I've never watched any survivors. but i've seen the last couple episodes of the last survivor, and i've heard about other survivors so i'm finally going to be watching.

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    Maps are for sissies I've never been lost, but I have taken a few side trips to check out new neighborhoods . . .

    The islands can't be THAT big that finding a challenge site can be too difficult, especially when there are 16 other people to follow.
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    So do they actually get a map to water? On another thread that had an interview with Jeff, it said they didn't prove a map to water, they had absolutely nothing. Though i thought no map to a water source was too extreme, the show hasn't even started yet and they are giving us conflicting info. I think the "no nothing" was just all hype to sang the viewers much like Rupert and his big twist last season.

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    Only a few hours left!!! I'm pretty darn excited for a *hopefully* great season of Survivor!!

    Is this the show discussion thread for tonight??????? Or is there going to be another one made?

    Enjoy it, y'all!
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    Ok I am wondering if the reward is going to be a sea plane ride to bikini atol or if the first person voted off the island is tormented by the ghost of Emelia Earhardt....

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    Maybe sharks get 'em. That would be cool.

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    I too was under the impression that the survivors weren't getting anything. Well, thats all I've been hearing on the radio.

    I'm so excited for the new season. I just hope its a good season as I thought the last few really sucked. They all started out good and then quickly turned ZzZzZzZzZz

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