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Thread: Contestents of Survivor: Palau looking for something a bit more?

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    Contestents of Survivor: Palau looking for something a bit more?

    So I picked up the TV Guide from our paper today, and I saw Romber on the front page (small picture, but still there), so I go to look for the article about them, assuming it was about TAR for a moment, but nope, it was about the contestants for Survivor 10. Apparently, contestants are using Survivor not only to win big money, but as a dating service it seems. Because I can't find the article online, I'm going to take a few quotes out of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by TV Guide
    This season's castaways are well aware of the chance of an island romance - but is it love they're after? Or are they just looking for a little extra screen time? "Sure, I'd do it" says castaway Ian Rosenberger of hooking up with one of his tribe-mates. Why shouldn't he? Not only are there lots of good-looking people to choose from, but it could help him become an audience favorite. While Jeff Probst may be handing out a million dollars to the sole survivor, media and press attention could generate a lot more than that for the next big reality couple to capture the publics imagination.


    And if these couples break up, there's a bright side: another reality show is bound to be willing to set them up with someone new.
    Huh. So, not only are reality TV romances popping up, but the new fad is to do cross-overs? I'm not buying.

    Another part of the article is about the contestants, and the first quote I saw (partly because it was in a big white font on the left side of the page):

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashlee Ashby
    If any of those hot guys need CPR, I'm the girl for them," she laughs. "I definitely am looking for a good time."
    Thankfully, that's the only one I saw that far out there. Another was a bit more realistic:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberly Mullen
    "There are a lot of hotties here, but I'm not here to hook up. You'd have to meet someone pretty impressive to even want to try something."
    So the question is now, will the attitude of some of the contestants set a new tone for Survivor and possibly future Survivor seasons? Even other reality shows? Maybe TV Guide is blowing this a little over the top, but still, I don't want Survivor to be turned into a dating show where in the end you get a million dollars.

    ADDED: I almost missed another point, that I'm hoping that they don't shift the focus of the show around to make these romances the main point. Yes, a subplot here or there, sure, but as long as it's not blown out like Rombers time on the island (where it WAS the plot of Survivor 8) I'll be happy.
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