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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Well, I guess there's one thing we can agree on, regardless of order, the 3 best Survivor winners are all men!
    Yep...Richard, Tom...and Ethan

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    Yeah, I'd actually put Ethan up there too.

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    My ranking of winners of the ones I have seen (missed Sandra's season)

    1. Richard (no competition for this title imo)
    2. Tom
    3. Brian
    4. Jenna M. (I think she gets a bad rap due to the editing but the fact is she was the leader of her alliance and she won the immunities she needed to win, I think 4 total.)
    5. Ethan
    6. Tina
    7. Chris
    8. Amber
    9. Vecepia

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    I think Chris and Amber are the worst winners ever.

    Tom's my favorite of all the winners... just above Sandra. Ethan's probably my 3rd favorite and Tina's my 4th.
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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    If anyone's interested, I started a new thread (Rate the winners) because I was interested to see what other people thought of Survivor winners...

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    May 27, 2005 -- BROOKLYN firefighter and $1 million "Survivor" winner Tom Westman says his training as one of the Bravest helped turn him into one of the Richest.

    "I almost feel I had an unfair advantage, being a member of the FDNY," the 41-year-old lieutenant said yesterday on his first day back on the job at Ladder 108 in Williamsburg since he became "Survivor: Palau" champ on May 15.

    "Had I had 19 other NYC firemen against me, I would have had a lot more trouble," said Westman, who was welcomed back by cheering colleagues who had decorated the kitchen with fishing nets and paper fish in honor of his victory on the tropical island.

    "The accountant has let me know, yes, you do have to go back to work," the new millionaire joked.

    "I love this job," he told a crush of reporters who asked if he intended to retire this summer when he reaches the 20-years-on-the-job milestone. He said he has not yet made a decision.

    Westman and his wife plan to use some of his winnings to put their three kids through college and fix up their Long Island home.

    And he'll be shopping for a gift for the firehouse that loyally cheered him on, "whether it's a big screen TV or a cappuccino maker, I certainly do owe them something," he said.

    On his first day back, Westman was among the smokeaters who responded to a blaze in a brownstone on Van Buren Street.

    "This is the thing that reminds you what it's all about," he said afterwards. "You forget about the winnings and the competition and you focus. You're razor sharp and focused on this." John Doyle


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    Meet Tom in Bohemia NT July 29th

    I was just emailed this today by a friend:

    Come Meet Tom Westman, F.D.N.Y Firefighter and
    Winner of the CBS Realty Show Survivor, Palau
    Friday, July 29th, 2005
    The Sports Authority
    5151 Sunrise Highway
    Bohemia, NY 11716

    He will be signing autographs.

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    Tom is appearing on the CBS soap "The Bold & the Beautiful" this week. Not sure which day/s though.

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    There's an interview with Tom here where he discusses his appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful. I can't find what day he will be on (apparently neither could QBoots), but he will appear on the show sometime this week. The question is, will he be playing the "bold" or the "beautiful?" He seems like a good mix of both.

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