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Thread: Stephenie

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    I don't think she's so great. I think she has this entitled attitude. "We suck but it is soooo not my fault. I'm not going home, I'm not ready to go, I don't deserve to go. I hate losing, I can't lose. It's everyone's fault but mine." Ok, so a lot of that is paraphrased but she never seems to realize that she's had a hand in Ulong's demize. She wanted to get rid of Jolanda and although she seems to realize that there needs to be leadership at Ulong, she refuses to step up. She may not have cost her tribe any ICs indirectly, but by voting off Jolanda when they should've targetted Kim and then voted off Jeff when they should've voted off Kim and then tried to get Bobby out then changed her vote to Angie when she should've voted James off to begin with. She hasn't had a team mentality, just a "me me me" attitude. And that has helped kill Ulong. And by who she's voted off, I also don't find her to be a very smart gameplayer. I have this very strong feeling she refused to lead for the IC. Who knows why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chach
    That could be, but it's hard for me to believe Steph would not play to win. They desperately needed a victory, and she's just not the type to accept losing.
    It does seem out of character, but if she's both sneaky and smart, she could simply be playing to win the whole game. For pretty much the last few episodes, all anyone on Ulong could really hope for was to make it to the merge and see what happens then; once your team no longer has the numbers to Pagong the opposition, I think the internal tribal strategy changes considerably (assuming, of course, that the players are thinking strategically).

    Quote Originally Posted by Chach
    That was a very winnable competition, and Ulong could have gone on a bit of a tear if they'd won that one. The three of them are very athletic and I thought the small numbers could have worked in their favor - Koror wouldn't be able to match them in physical competitions since they have to keep sitting different people out...but obviously it didn't work out that way.
    It was definitely winnable by Ulong. Koror seems to have been throwing their dregs into the last couple of ICs, but they still can't seem to lose. It's kind of odd; I wish we could see the discussions at Koror where they decide who does the challenge....

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    I would probably be getting frusturated too, if I kept losing, though I wouldn't be so vocal about it, since I am not that vocal to begin with.

    I think she has played a pretty strong mental game, although she made some bad decisions, she managed to make it to the Final 2 out of 9 consecutive TCs, with no direct alliance, so compliments to both her and Booby Jon for that.

    U must've been about ready to poop your pants during that TC when BJ almost left.

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    The poor lass has had this shellshocked look on her face for the past couple of episodes.
    Like "I'm trying to stay civilized and sane and rational, and I don't want to say anything bad about anyone but really.... I WANNA SCREEEEAAAMMMMM! AND RIP THE HEADS OFF THESE INCOMPETENT IDIOTS I'M STUCK ON THE SAME BEACH WITH!!!!"

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    Steph sure got lucky with Bobby John but the whole she is in an aliance with the other team is kinda strange for a promo for tonight. Gives the ASSUMPTION that there will be a merge and normaly they don't give it away so easily things that make you go hummmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realityvictim
    Steph sure got lucky with Bobby John but the whole she is in an aliance with the other team is kinda strange for a promo for tonight. Gives the ASSUMPTION that there will be a merge and normaly they don't give it away so easily things that make you go hummmmm

    Exactly! I think something is going to go wrong with the plan,but I am hoping that Steph makes it far. She is one of the strongest women I have ever seen play this game.

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    I want Steph to completely win this thing. She IS a survivor.

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    I was SOOOOOOOOO worried that if the tribes merged and Stephenie was the only one left that she would be a walking target. I'm glad to hear that she has an alliance with Tom, Ian, and crew.

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    I think she is the strongest female ever to compete in Survivor, strong in terms of physical AND mental. If ever she was on the Koror tribe, she'll be a target immediately.

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    missed the episode, but glad to hear (and read show discussion) that Steph survived.

    It would be cool to see the strongest last til the end- Steph, Tom, Ian, Gregg

    just watched the web video of her fire challenge
    can't miss next week's show!
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