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Thread: Kim

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    I don't want to get in the way of a good lynching, but I think we should give Kim one episode to see how she does without Jeff, who has clearly been "enabling" her princess syndrome behavior. Angie, who knows something about turning around public opinion, made a comment last week that she thought Kim might perform better once Jeff is gone.

    Having said that I think no matter what she does, if Ulong loses IC this week, Kim will be handed the petrified driftwood.

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    Oh boy am I happy to see her gone.

    She may well be the most worthless person to take part in Survivor.
    It was funny in the challenge when she faced Janu who weighs like 80 pounds, it took about 0.7 seconds for her to be thrown out.

    "I want her out of my island and out of my adventure."

    From now on anyone may win and I will still be happy.

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    Hopefully, Katie Kim and Caryn Kim will soon follow. Then all 3 Kims can lie down and whine together at the Loosers Lounge.

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    It's not too often you hear a player justifying their laziness and lack of teamwork like Kim did this past episode. But what's worse is that Ulong took so long to get rid of her. They all agreed that she needed to go but a lack of leadership almost got some to question their votes. Thank God Jeff called her out at TC, although she doesn't seem to think she did anything wrong.

    (I will miss seeing her lounging about each week though )
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    I too was really glad to see Kim go. All too often these really useless people seem to be allowed to hang on for way too long, for no apparent reason.
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    To me, it looked like she actually ran off the edge of the platform. She got a little push and just dove in. What a loser.

    And did she actually say that she was the brains of their tribe? If she had an ounce of sense, she would have at least acted like she was trying to contribute. What a dumbass--good riddance.
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    Jeff seems a little more confrontational at TC this year. I may be one of the few that'll miss her. Don't care much for James or Ibreham, so I wouldn't have cared if it was one of them who went. Personally, even though he's stronger, I don't think Ibreham has contributed as much as some of the rest of the tribe, either. They make it sound as though Kim was the one holding them back, so hopefully Ulong can get their act together and make Koror be the ones to visit TC for a change.

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    I agree about Jeff pointing out Kim's behaviour--he has been very vocal about it. Last night he all but came right out and said 'Kim, you are the laziest contestant I've ever seen'.
    Kim seemed quite cluleless on how things go in this show. When JP asked about her relationship with Jeff and whether the others would think they forming an alliance, she said nobody would think that, but now they would thanks to Jeff Probst bringing it to their attention! Has she actually watched this show?

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    Brains of the tribe my....eye.

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    For someone who's pursuing a Master's in PoliSci (with an eye on an eventual Ph.D.), she sure doesn't know a damn thing about group dynamics, making friends, or influencing people. And for someone who is trying to use her "brain" (used tentatively, of course) to make a living and claims to be the "smartest person in the tribe," she sure doesn't understand how much of a difference intelligent strategy and planning can make in a physical competition.

    She's so pathetic I can't even dislike her; all I feel is a vague sense of pity combined with nausea. What a waste of airtime.

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