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Thread: Jennifer Lyon - Palau

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    Quote Originally Posted by emjoi

    She is cute. Mute, but Cute.
    And she looks like Cameron Diaz (at least, her facial expression)

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    In this last episode, I saw more of her than ever. And even a 1 on 1 interview! Was it just me, or was that the first one they got of her since the show started?? I heard her voice! Saw her alot. Still my favorite

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    She shouted "Go Baby" to Gregg in the last challenge and he called her Honey. Looks like they have a thang - but surprisingly, the editing is not showing it. I think she is the best looking of the women.

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    I picked up they had a "Thing" from the first episode.
    They might not be making an Issue of it on the show, but it's always been there to see if you watched.

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    Sometimes when she smiles, she reminds me of Cameron Diaz!

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    Is it just me or this woman drop dead gorgeous?

    Yeah she seems a tad evil but I can easily overlook that in a woman so utterly attractive.

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    Just did the math... she's 4 years older than Gregg...

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    I don't really find her attractive or interesting at all. I think Gregg is too good for her though I'll tell you that much.

    on Jenn
    on Jenn too.

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    Jennifer's comeuppance by way of Gregg's ouster reminded me of a Heavy Metal orientated station I used to listen to and one delightfully sparkified programming event they'd insert from time to time just to remind listeners who were slow on the uptake what their chosen format was.

    They'd lull you by playing some less strident cuts until you didn't really notice when something totally inappropriate to the format started playing.

    I thought of Jennifer at TC, swaying to the internal beat of the Carpenters "Top of the world", and she was digging it, just like I used to listening to that station before the rude awakening of the stylus scratching a death knell across the face of the record signaling the "commence fire" portion of the show which included machine gun fire and bombs dropping from above. Now that rocked!

    Jennifer was indeed on top of the world (or at least the game) there for a moment before reality rose up like her worst nightmare. From the top of a skyscraper to the sub-basement all in one second. How deliciously entertaining, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving recepient.

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