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    There have been a few medical issues shown on Tv and at least one true emergency during survivor.....In the Outback for example....they were able to treat and med evac a contestant with 3rd degree burns over both his hands......One of the contestants was a nurse....and she probably minimalized the damage by having him place his hands in salt water.....but people were there fast....and the helicopter transported him quickly to a hospital

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    Interview with Jeff from TV Guide.http://www.tvguide.com/news/insider/050308a.asp

    Survivor Stud: He's Twisted
    by Angel Cohn

    Before Survivor: Palau's Jeff Wilson twisted his ankle by tripping over a coconut during a late-night bathroom break he was one of the Ulong tribe's strongest members. But after that new injury flared up an old wound, the 21-year-old California boy asked his tribe mates to send him home. Not everyone agreed with his selfless decision some even regarded it with suspicion although Jeff insisted it would take his ankle weeks to heal. Here, TVGuide.com gets face time with the studly personal trainer to ask why he threw in the towel.

    TVGuide.com: Have you fully recovered from your ankle injury?
    Jeff Wilson: I'm better than I was. Painwise, I'd say about 95 percent.

    TVG: How'd you injure your ankle the first time?
    Jeff: I got run over by a truck. I broke my back and my pelvis and my ankle. I had stretched-out ligaments and tendons.

    TVG: Ouch! You said you knew it would take weeks to heal. Did it take that long?
    Jeff: It did.

    TVG: No regrets about asking to be voted off?
    Jeff: It was the right decision. Had I stayed in and tried to muscle it out and people were going home [in my stead], how great would that have been?

    TVG: That's such a team attitude. Most Survivor players are more selfish.
    Jeff: I've always been in athletics, so I'm competitive, but I do know how to work with a team. I know this game isn't about that, but at the beginning, it is about that. In my head, I knew that I wasn't going to be good, and I knew we'd probably go to tribal council again because I wouldn't be able to pull my weight. I saw the inevitable.

    TVG: How'd you feel when some resisted going along with your plan?
    Jeff: I don't take offense to it; it is actually nice that they [felt] compelled to keep me there. It is their opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. If people wanted Kim off, that's fine with me, too.

    TVG: Really? Even though Kim was your cuddle buddy?
    Jeff: Fine with me. It is a game. I wasn't going to be heartbroken if she went home, and I told her not to be if I did. It's a game, and the longest it lasts is 40 days.

    TVG: Are you still friendly with her?
    Jeff: Yeah. [Grins]

    TVG: Is there something more between you?
    Jeff: At this point, she still lives in Ohio, so...

    TVG: So maybe you'd date in the future?
    Jeff: [Smiles again] I don't see why not.

    TVG: Will you ever eat coconuts again?
    Jeff: Probably not for a while. I should have saved it as a souvenir, walking around with a big old coconut on the plane like Flavor Flav [with his clocks] on The Surreal Life. Plus, those things are brutal to eat. [Coconut] is a natural laxative. You eat no food, and the only thing you drink and eat is that. It's like, "Oh, food, good, um... I'll be right back."

    TVG: Think you would've won if you hadn't been injured?
    Jeff: I don't want to say that I would make it to the end, because that makes me sound arrogant, but I do think I probably would have gone pretty far.
    TVG: Was there anything in nature that you could use to help your ankle?
    Jeff: In the [reward] challenge last week, we won the cloth. And in that [sewing kit] was a band of elastic. I basically used that as an Ace bandage. You don't see me wearing it because when I went to tribal council, I thought I was going home and I didn't want to take it from them.

    TVG: There's that team spirit again.
    Jeff: Well... if there was anything they would have needed, it was probably going to be that.

    TVG: You seem so personable... was there anyone you didn't get along with?
    Jeff: No. I think because they are such extreme personalities, you kind of have to take yourself out of your normal realm and make your tolerance level a little bit higher. Everybody's got an attitude. Tom's from New York and I've never really hung out with someone from New York before, but I've heard stories.

    TVG: Stories?
    Jeff: They are all true! They are all p----d-off people.

    TVG: I'm a New Yorker. I'm not angry.
    Jeff: I've seen this 10 times today. You all smile while you are inside, but look at anybody outside [in the streets] and they are all ticked off.

    TVG: You're a personal trainer. Did anyone ask you for tips?
    Jeff: Yeah, they all did. Someone would do something and they'd be like, "Oh, I hurt my back." I'd be like, "You need to do this." I think everybody's career came into play a little bit.

    TVG: You're a good-looking guy. Hoping to get any modeling gigs?
    Jeff: Yeah, I'd love it, but I don't count my chickens before they hatch. I'd like it to happen, but if it doesn't, I'm not going to take my own life because of it.
    I wasn't a huge fan of his, but he seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. And OUCH! about being run over by a truck!
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    Thanks for the interview article, OTVS.

    Bad truck broke his ankle, pelvis AND back?! Along with the assorted ligaments and tendons...

    Brings to mind a couple of questions for me, beginning with when this supposedly occurred, what specifically he means when he says broken back, and whether the truck was aimed at him on purpose.

    He's 21 years old, and according to his bio he played football in school, is certified and employed as a personal trainer, works as a brand representative for a major clothing company, has previously been employed as a soccer referee, welder and petroleum distributor, and is allowed to operate BIG boats, having been certified by the United States Power Squad.

    Jeff "enjoys hiking, working out, fishing, horseback riding, jet skiing and kayaking."

    He also plays football, baseball, wakeboards, goes dirt biking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and biking.

    I can see why he'd be drawn to short stories (of Ernest Hemingway) now, and wonder about the possible rejuvinating qualities of Fierce (cologne?) by Abercrombie & Fitch.

    Just because he lists things (like welding) doesn't mean he's necessarily any good at them, and there are similarities between many of the athletic activities he says he does, but overall, his bio almost seemed like too accomplished considering his age even before reading about his run in with a truck with injuries that don't sound at all like the kind that heal in a matter of weeks.

    I smell exaggeration in the air. (not an Abercrombie & Fitch scent)

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    Ok, I'm sticking with my observation a few posts back where I said maybe Jeff had experienced a severe, painful injury and psyched himself out of the game. Even if he's exaggerating the whole truck incident, he was probably in a LOT of pain afterwards. I speak from experience when I say that if you hurt yourself badly (say your ankle) and you go through high level pain, then even after you are technically "healed" you tend to be a lot more cautious. I think Jeff sprained his ankle, but his pain and decision to leave were probably 50% mental.
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    Just a heads-up to any Jeff fans out there: (are there any? ) Jeff will be appearing on "The Young & the Restless" this week as Katherine Chancellor's poolboy. The episode airs Wed. at 4:30 pm in Canada on Global, and Thurs. at 12:30 pm in the U.S. on CBS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Just a heads-up to any Jeff fans out there: (are there any? ) Jeff will be appearing on "The Young & the Restless" this week as Katherine Chancellor's poolboy. The episode airs Wed. at 4:30 pm in Canada on Global, and Thurs. at 12:30 pm in the U.S. on CBS.
    Not a big stretch for him since he is a pretty boy!!
    Thanksgiving 2017!

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