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Thread: Janu

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    I find Janu's behavior really weird. I didn't really like her very much before, but this episode she managed to redeem herself. I find that it was the "right" thing to do, giving up because you don't deserve to progress much further. And good job for spoiling everyone's plans.

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    I don't think Junu ever said the word "quit" on televised TC or up to that point (correct me if I'm wrong). She certainly didn't show it in the reward challenge and reward (until she puked! and even then she had more dessert!). Osten on the other hand said it over and over (big pouter as well). She would lay the torch down, but only after getting some assurance that she would participate in the jury.

    Her wheels were spinning after the emotional cry from Steph and was fully playing the game - There are only two monetary winners, but they should add another "Out....."
    Outwit, Outplay, Outlast and Outspoil!

    Should Stephanie make it a lot further in the game (dare I say final 2), this would have been a key contributing play - I don't think we ever saw Steph talking behind Janu's back...more irony of how she set it down to keep her in!
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    I always thought of Janu as ok but from that last episode, I really like her. She was strongwilled and useful in the RC, probably the second if not the first strongest girl next to Stephanie. All she wanted was the experience and she got it? She deserves to leave a camp where she isn't wanted and her power move is fantastic.
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