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Thread: Ibrehem

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    I was okay with Ib going. It was his time. I don't think he was Osten-like - I think he TRIED, but I just don't think he was good! A 6-pack of abs does not a good competitor make!

    I think he was surprised, but it doesn't matter because he's not part of the jury (unless MB does something different this year)

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    I really think that he could have avoided the chopping block if he had been a bit more vocal with either BJ or Stephenie. His unspoken trust in BJ gave Steph an opening to convince BJ otherwise and she was able to win his vote for the simple reason that BJ needed a reassurance of unity.

    To me - and i am sorry if i offend anyone - it showed that BJ was not man enough to go with the natural alliance that he had with Ib and become wrapped around Steph's finger.

    Through it all though, Ib didn't get so pressured by the game that he was made to become frantic or require reassurance.

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