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Thread: Ian

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    Quote Originally Posted by article
    TVG: If you aren't there, what are you doing now?
    Ian: I bought a truck, and I have that same dog and a surfboard and I think I'm going to head out to the West Coast now and play the same game. I'd love to get into television production, I'd love to direct, that's what I'd really want to do. I want to be behind the camera, but heck, I'd get in front of the camera for a while, too.
    Aww, man... another good guy/reality fame whore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    Aww, man... another good guy/reality fame whore.
    SAY WHAT???

    ROMBER from AR is a reality fame whore!

    Let a good guy for a change to try something in the entertainment industry.

    At least many MANY more people would be happy to see Ian on TV than this Romber's train wreck!
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    I wish I could call myself a Reality Fame Whore.

    Actually I wish I could be called the first double winner of Survivor and Amazing Race.

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    Ian is all over the place in that interview. I don't think he knows who he is yet.

    He starts off by saying:
    I'm still trying to decide if it was the right decision or not.
    Then ends with
    TVG: Lastly, what was your best moment on the island?
    Ian: Stepping off that platform.
    So he's unsure if his proudest moment was the right decision? Okay then.

    Then he twists it with:
    But some of us are better at it than others, and I just ended up not being a very good liar. I think I am the worst liar in Survivor history. I am so bad at it.
    So now it's not about right and wrong, but rather what you can get away with.

    Does this guy have a mind of his own? I just think he's kind of full of it and says what he thinks the other person wants to hear. Well, whatever, I'm sure he'll land on his feet. He's a good looking, likeable, natural leader. I totally see politics in his future.

    Oh and barf:
    I didn't want the million ashamed.
    I became so close to Tom and Katie and the rest of Koror and that ended up weighing on the game more than I thought it would. When the decision actually comes to stab somebody in the back, it makes it a little more difficult.
    See and I call bullcrap on this because again he was not ashamed at the time of the decision. He was ashamed when he was found out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dearkate
    I agree and see the point that its impossible to win Survivor without any backstabbing. However, I think its how you do the backstabbing. I think if you go and promise and pinky swear and make "pacts" with like 5+ people that you will bring them to the final 2 and then obviously you are going to be backstabbing them. But then there is the method I think Tom used most of the time. He stuck with his people (I guess it was the alliance of 5 until the final 5), but didn't really "promise" anybody final 2 (he promised Ian he would take him to the final 3 and fight it out..which he did- or at least until Ian almost went back on his word). It appeared that he only made "promises" he could keep. I honestly didn't think he did much if any dirty backstabbing. And he won.

    Anyway, my point is if you do your backstabbing in a smart way, maybe you won't "hurt" or "betray" too many people. Just do it in a way where the jury member can't go back and say you definitely promised them final 2 or whatever. They should have to go back and be like, "oh wait, he didn't actually SAY that I he would take me. I guess I just fell under his Jedi power spell. He sure got me!"
    Jedi mind tricks, indeed. That Tom is such a master, he got Ian not
    only to lay down his sword, but to impale himself upon it. What possibly
    was going on in Ians head when gives up the challenge then makes a
    deal for Tom to NOT keep him in Final 2?

    Why does Ian think that Ian should be held to a higher standard than
    Kate or Tom? Why does Ian think he should be penalized for "lying" when
    Kate and Tom both do the same thing, albeit in different manners?

    What type of "friendship" does Ian seek with Tom and Kate after this
    game is over? He's going to get Christmas cards from them for several
    years. Was this really worth $1,000,000?

    I think this was a brainwashing, a Stockholm syndrome. Ian's ego simply
    could not take the pressure of 2 others competing for the same real estate.
    His ego submitted, gave the other egoes what they wanted, hoping to
    win their approval. In this zero-sum game that they've played, he is a
    born loser; for whatever reason, he does not value himself enough to
    consider himself capable of winning.

    I was a fan of Ian for the longest time, but this cave-in, this bankruptcy,
    this collapse of personality is all the more bizarre in that he is completely
    ignorant of what he's done. In the post-game wrapups and interviews,
    he says he's glad he's 'done the right thing,' etc. He started the game
    knowing what it was (a competition for a large amount of money), and
    withdrew from it with the idea that it was a competition for Tom's approval.
    How very sad.

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    Excellent post.

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