What seemed like no strategy now appears to be a very good strategy. Early, I thought Caryn made a big mistake in dressing down Katie in the second episode, as I recall. This occured not far from the pick-um game in which Katie was the first female selected and Caryn was next to last, and only selected over Angie and Wanda.

Now, she placed herself in very good spot to make the final 4. She has shown loyalty to Tom, who, it appears, would reciprocate, keeping her over Katie and Jenn. Likewise, the outsider is Jenn, who will have to work her way back into the group.

It appears her main strength was the capacity to control herself in a desperate situation.

As an attorney, she probably has better mental capabilties over the remaining contestants and fared well at the first individual immunity challenge. If the last immunity challenge is another endurance challenge, she may do better the all remaining contestants except Tom. (Ian is looking pretty boney).

Depending who is up against in the final, she probably can argue her case better before the jury. Quickly, she has gone from pretty much a non-factor, to someone with real potential to win.