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Thread: Angie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webgirl1415
    The underarm hair is because she doesn't shave (I know this because she had hairy armpits on the first episode). She's totally weird and I'm not surprised she was one of the last picked. Also, she seems like total dead weight for Ulong and she should have been voted off instead of Jolanda.
    I saw that picture of her with the underarm hair but just because of that I didn't automatically decide she was weird.

    Does this mean that if none of the ladies has a chance to shave in the 39 days they are on this island that they will become weird because they will also have underarm hair?


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    No big deal if she doesn't shave; some girls just aren't into that. I went to high school with a bunch of girls (better described as self proclaimed hippies) who didn't shave their under their arms or their legs. It wasn't pleasant to look at once summer came, but I got used to it. And in a few episodes, the other girls will probably have hair as long as Angie's.

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    I think it's funny that people are freaking out about arm pit hair. Did you guys know it naturally grows there?

    I don't know if I like her yet. I think she needs to quit with the "I'm so different" stuff. I don't mean her appearance...I mean how she keeps talking about what an outsider she is. There are a lot of people with that exact same look. You are not that unique!

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    Angie just looks different. Her personality isn't that different from your average twenty something young woman. I think the redneck is way more "different". She's very intelligent even though she's a HS drop out. I bet she finds a way to stay in the game a lot longer. All she has to do is turn the attention away from her and onto someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soybean
    I think it's funny that people are freaking out about arm pit hair. Did you guys know it naturally grows there?
    Yes, but it is evil.

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    I don't mind female hair.

    There's hairy, and then there's scary. Angie's little tufts aren't scary. When they reach the point where they're whipping her face when the wind blows, then they'll have crossed the scary threshold.

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    I like Angie. She's colorful and different. She didn't seem all that whiny to me. I think that getting picked last just unnerved her a bit, and she was asked about it in front of the camera so she responded. If there was more than that, it didn't stick in my mind.

    My mother hates her though! (btw I'm 39 and my mother is 70)

    Poor Angie has a popularity rating of 41% on the website, and I just don't see what she's done to deserve that, besides sport some crazy body art.

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    I agree with those who say she needs to concentrate less on being different and more on being valuable to the tribe.
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    Angie is my favorite, right from the start. I actually have almost exactly that same bra (except mine is all red). I have a tattoo, and might someday get more. She was the only one smart enough to put on some weight before the show, and I'm sure she knew that some fans would call her "ugly" or "gross" because of it. That takes character. She speaks well, seems physically fit enough at challenges. It's nice to have one "freak" on Survivor, it gives me someone I can relate to. I hope she wins it, and I can't wait til about half-way through when everyone else is starving to death, and SHE is the only one that looks fit and healthy, it will be total vindication for her! I just hope her luxury item was some sunscreen!

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    I was so happy for Angie when she rocked on the reward challenge. I'm glad she showed the team her real worth and changed their opinion of her. I'm not a big fan of the pit hair and the earlobe plugs, but I'm rooting for her.

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