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Thread: Angie

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    What? It looks like the majority are "pretty people".
    I mean the pretty people who make you want to rip your hair out (like the girls who plan to manipulate and use their bodies to get ahead, and the guys that are horny). No ones giving me that vibe yet.

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    I guess I'm betting on the longhorse then. I like the vibe I'm getting from her, I feel like I know her... :/

    But you are probably right, she obviously wants to be noticed and people on Survivor don't like that very much.
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    I don't think she'll last too long. I got to wonder about someone who enjoys heckling...just how antagonizing they will be to others. She probably can't keep her mouth shut and will go the way of Mia

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    She's the closest to someone I'd actually like to go out with, for several seasons.
    Sounds fun and smart and interesting.

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    Snack Foods Dim sum custard or meat buns, chicken in a biscuit, brie and apples ---okay...gross, gross, chicken in a biscuit is more like a meal ( ie. potpie)
    (she paints watercolors and uses found objects in her creations). I want to know what found objects she is using on her art. I lost an important receipt and Angie better not of glued it to her painting.
    Outdoor Activities Swimming, bicycling, walking by railroad tracks Why didn't she put down "checking the mail, scraping gum off shoes.
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    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    I think she's only interested in picking up sharp things . Your receipt is probably safe. Now if it had have been some rusty razor blades , or bottle shards you may have a problem. Yup she looks like the female Lex. Let's hope she's brighter and has a stronger gut.

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    Ugh I hope she's not like Lex. She's from a city not far from where I live at all. No, not New Orleans, but the city she grew up in in Wisconsin. Kinda feel compelled to like her for that reason alone and I hope I like her the way I liked Leann. Should she be the female Lex, she'll be dead to me. There are few survivors I dislike more than Lex.

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    [QUOTE=Zaaam]Snack Foods Dim sum custard or meat buns, chicken in a biscuit, brie and apples ---okay...gross, gross, chicken in a biscuit is more like a meal ( ie. potpie)

    "Chicken in a Biscuit" is also a snack cracker. One of my favorites.
    When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "Happy." They told me I didn't understand the assignment. I told them they didn't understand life. - John Lennon

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    I'm liking the looks of Angie, though I find it difficult to imagine her sticking around long, unless it is because EVERYONE perceives her as a sure goner, offing other more threatening types first.

    I get a kick out of her mentioning heckling as a hobby, she's someone I wouldn't mind sharing a beer with, but I'll pass my lemon to her.

    I was thinking initially that it wouldn't be all that shocking for someone as much on the edge as Angie appears to be to forget to bring the edge along for the trip, instead turning into the demure Invisible Gal, but strolling down from the bios and seeing her preference for appropriate outerware (her lacy bra) seems to lay that fear to rest, initially.

    Maveno wrote: "Also, if I were to go on Survivor...and "assume" that I'm going to be wearing my skivvies on a daily basis..I'd pick my BEST bra. Not the lacy, butt-ugly rose bra. Ew!"

    Considering the total package of our free spirited little Angie, I wouldn't be totally shocked if that were her ONLY bra.

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