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Thread: Angie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I'm not saying she should be booted cuz of her hairy pits.. as a matter of fact, I think she's a good player for Survivor. Also, I agree..I'm sure none of them smell like a freshly baked apple pie about now.

    If her teammates had any sense, they should be cuddling up with her at night..think about it, she has the warmest pits there! Like sleeping with a couple of chinchillas!

    Also, I've seen her in about 3 to 4 different 'outfits'.. where are all of these clothes coming from?? Is Survivor supplying them?

    /the jokes and humor can basically write themselves...hopefully we can all enjoy some of that HUMOR instead of fighting amongst ourselves over our personal likes and dislikes.
    Your funny But they should blob out the armpits, it's so distracting. She is defintely a good player. They should have used her in the reward challenge instead of stephanie. All she needs to do is raise her armpits into the other girls face and she would have won, without sweating at all.

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    I don't think she made any enemies with her aggressiveness in the RC. But I do think she put Kuror on notice as to who's a potential threat at individual immunity challenges if they hadn't already noticed.

    I think she rocks and hopefully will go far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    She's got a lil alliance, she's proving to be vital to the tribe and she MIGHT still have a 'buddy' (Coby) on the other tribe (good for mergering).. I'd say she's sittin' pretty.
    I was thinking about that as well, Mav. However, I'm wondering if by the time they merge, Angie is such a power player that Coby won't stand a chance? I would have to say that Angie hasn't forgotten the 'we're the same' spiel only to be not picked in the beginning.
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    I like her still, but the peek-a-boo bra needs replaced!

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    Based on the last couple of episodes, I believe that the Angie we saw in the beginning was either an abberation, or she simply hadn't acclimated to the point of putting on her gameface. Angie seems like she has a brain to match the physicality that she knows how to use, and after settling down from the initial tummy turmoil of being picked last ought to realize that Coby did them both a favor by not selecting her, or at least did what probably seemed essential for him AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME.

    I never understood her attributing her being chosen last as something pertaining to the tribe as a whole, or both tribes collectively; there wasn't any kibitzing going on that I observed, just a line of individuals making a personal point at their turn based on any number of reasons. There could easily have been a half dozen people that would have picked her earlier if they could have either chosen a female or didn't have a specific preference for the one they chose instead. Or not, but thats ancient history now.

    I don't see Angie holding a grudge toward Coby, but considering his non-existant scheming of late I can well imagine her eclipsing him as a power player, and there is no reason to expect that she'll feel the need or desire to take him under her wing. I'm hoping she's smart enough to go with whoever will strengthen her position in the game, not allow a (potential) deadweight to glom onto her just because of a throw away remark made when no one knew squat about the others excepting what they'd visually observed.

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    Well, Angie isn't a "girly girl", that's for sure! The girls got brains, stamina and fortitude.

    My personal fave would be if somehow Angie & Tom could go all the way to the final two - wouldn't THAT be interesting!???
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    Actually I think Angie + BJ combined is a rather scarey combination...
    Got me thinking of the final scene of Pulp Fiction ("... and if any one of you MutherF*ers Moves, I'll execute every last muthaf*in one of you!") , or Natural Born Killers.

    They both have the ability to get ruthlessly psycho agressive when it's needed.

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    I'm definitely feeling Angie more and more as the season progresses. I especially like her budding friendship with Bobby Jon, which will hopefully turn into some type of alliance. They can be an awesome pair, now we just need to think of a name for them: Bobby Angie? Angie Jon?

    Angie would be smart to align with BJ and the other pair: Stephenie, and James. That would be an awesome group: lots of brain and muscle. But at this point, 4 might not be enough to make it to the endgame. Let's hope Koror self destructs in the coming episodes, that way Angie can buy herself some time.

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    Oh no!
    I think Julia Roberts is Angie's role model. wha-do-ya-think?

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    I'm going to wax completely superficial here, and I know I'm in the minority, but I think Angie is the best-looking female Survivor this season. (Of course, I couldn't care less about pit hair one way or the other (and hadn't even noticed it before I read this thread today; now I'll have to go back and look for it), so perhaps I have more objectivity about this than most on FORT... .) All the plastic "empirical beauty" types look so much alike I can't tell them apart, and I've never found "boring" and "common" to be particularly attractive. I'll take strength, intelligence, hips, curves, and originality over skin-plated twigs with a couple of balloons attached any day.

    Besides, she's got ink....

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