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Thread: 20 Bottles of Beer on the Wall: Will Palau sink under the weight?

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    4 Tribe Idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Okay, I've seen this discussed in the episode thread a lot, and there are general "twist" topics, but I was suprised to find neither a specific topic on Palau, or the revelation that it will be packed up somehow with 20 of these famewh@res!

    The major theories to explain the 20 people seem to be:

    1.) perhaps an EVEN LONGER season
    2.) two tribes, some double eliminations (or some immediate boots the moment they step on the island)
    3.) odd small tribes, four tribes of four or five tribes of four, and SOMEHOW some control to make this workible since they had enough trouble with 3 tribes
    4.) no tribes (or one, I suppose) at least to start--where the show starts off more Darwinian with every man or woman for his or herself and people clump together for other reasons. Obviously you could have a LOT of variations on this.
    a.) people compete in teams (which may or may not be arbitrary) for immunity, but vote individually for eviction
    b.) people both compete and vote individually--although naturally alliances come into play
    c.) people compete and vote in teams/tribes, but they are arbitrary each week
    d.) some combination of the above. Individual competitions and informal alliances for several weeks, and then later imposed formal tribes springing from some system based on popularity for the leaders and then those leaders picking tribe members.

    As long as we are being specific to Palau, I suppose there's also a heck of a lot to wonder about concerning the old Navy wrecks an other war wreckage around the island. Will the show make some lame Pearl Islands attempts to tie it in to gameplay, or is it just scenery?

    The four tribe idea can actually work. Since there is a whole "war" theme why not have only one tribe win immunity. And instead of winning some idol they give some sorta cursed thing to a tribe and that tribe has to go to Tribal Council. Since there is no 2-4 place. Do you send the tribe that came dead last to yours to be diplomatic or do you send your biggest competition to tribal council? Also why not have the survivors put themselves into the tribes of 4...no pre-selecting and no "team captains"...The reason is we always think and survivors think if they were on another tribe they'd do better...well you make your own tribes of any gender mix. That would also add to the war theme and if your tribe wins...why not send the ***hole who was rude to you during the tribe selection to TC.

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    Here's another idea: What if you had the tribes chosen by the Survivors themselves? Say, you have an individual challenge right off the bat, and the top two (or three, or four) get to pick their own tribes?

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    How bout an individual challenge right after they get off the boat?

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    Ooh, I love the idea of an individual challenge to let them pick their teams!

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    Playboy Bunny Survivor.

    If that doesnt pay for all of Burnetts kids to go to college, nothing will.

    Hey, they have a Supermodel on "The Real Gilligans Isle" and you dont think that is just because Rachel Hunter had nothing better to do, do you?

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    I'd like to see all twenty dropped off at one beach with no instructions. After a day or two they'd receive tree mail telling them to divide into ten man/woman teams, and report to the challenge area. How they are to divide up is up to them. This will create some friction, remember Jerri in S2?

    Before the challenge Jeff informs them that both members of the winning team will win immunity. After the challenge he also tells them that they will be voting out two people at TC, one of the teams will be going home. They vote individually, but for one of the 9 man/woman teams.

    For the next RC and IC, they will be divided randomly, just before the challenge, into two teams, with 8 and 9 members. The losing tribe of the IC has to vote out one person, but the winning tribe gets to go to TC with them and observe silently from the jury box.

    The next round would be the same, dropping the total number to 16.

    The next RC would be individual with the winner going somewhere overnight for food, shower,... AND getting to select someone to go with them. The next morning would be a repeat of Dave and Jenna from S6, the two people have to divide up the tribe into two tribes. This would be an interesting division, no matter whether the two were allies or foes. Both have to move to new camps.

    Now with two tribes of 8, it will proceed as S1 and S2, no merge until there are only 10 left. Hopefully it will drive some of them nuts, just waiting for the mix-up that never comes.

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    I think someone's call in another thread is dead on.... there was supposed to be 21 contestants and someone quit... although WHEN they quit is anyone's guess.

    That all stemmed from Jeff's comment during the reunion show to "not call if you're going to quit." Jeff was pissed off when Osten quit and it sounded like he was just as angry.

    I love the above theories about an immediate individual competition and then possibly a later merge, or... three tribes. People were happy with the three tribe concept from ASS.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Nice theory.
    I'll just say that Osten was a great part of the drama that made Pearl Islands so much fun. Failures are just as interesting as the successes.

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    not sure whether the rock paper scissors challange or the karoke for prizes reward challange will be the high light of this....yes its getting predictable....but you just gotta watch....

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