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Thread: **Spoilers** RC/IC/Boot predictions

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    Hey ... Thanks so much to all who were so gracious to respond to my question. Fluff.....your attention to detail is why you are such a fabulous AD. I may be impatient but I certainly do not want to be a spoiler!! YIKES Jewelsy.....I need to be more patient...NOW It is so interesting to get the "scoop". You will understand my impatience even more knowing I am a "West Coaster". It is fun to get your input each week. So I will try to be patient...really I willl. I am rooting for Eliza and Chris to be in the final two. YAHOO!!!

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    Aha, another fan of an Eliza/Chris showdown I see Footballmom.

    We only have to wait until Sunday.
    I'm actually starting to finally get a little bit excited about this series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debster
    Canoe/Jam has Julie going tonight and an interesting prediction that the final two will be Eliza and Chris with Chris winning it all.
    That would be awesome! I know many people out there don't like Chris- I happen to (but I wish he would cut his hair!) and I hope he takes it all! Eliza bugged me at first, but she has since seemed to calm down so I like her a lot more now too.

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