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Thread: Will the Chatterbox Survive on 'Survivor'?

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    Will the Chatterbox Survive on 'Survivor'?

    From the Washington Post; link to article here.

    Will the Chatterbox Survive on 'Survivor'?

    By Richard Leiby

    Thursday, December 2, 2004; Page C03

    "Every week, like the Road Runner, she escapes the Coyote," says Washington's Susan Orlins, referring to her daughter, Eliza, a Sidwell Friends graduate who will continue her scrabble for that $1 million booty on tonight's episode of CBS's "Survivor: Vanuatu." Apparently Eliza Orlins, 21, has a bit of a reputation among fellow contestants. "They don't much like her," mom told us yesterday. "They said Eliza talks too much. Funny, I think talking too much is good. I talk too much."

    Except when a confidentiality agreement required Susan Orlins, a 58-year-old writer, to keep mum about her surprise visit in July to see her daughter on Vanuatu, a South Pacific island near Fiji. (The episode was televised Thanksgiving Day.) "I'm a very bad liar," claims Orlins, who had to keep friends and family in the dark: "I said I was going to Asia."

    The younger Orlins beat out six other contestants for what they thought would be a videoconference link to a family member but turned out to be an overnight visit. By that time, the contestants had suffered nearly a month-long shortage of food, clothing, toiletries and maternal affection. "As soon as they got near me they were touching me and smelling me," Orlins recalls. "It was really weird." Happily, mother and daughter got some quality time, albeit on camera.

    "I would have tried to stuff some Snickers in my bra," says Orlins, ever the dutiful mom, but with Eliza planning to attend law school after her May graduation from Syracuse University, why endanger her shot at that cool million?

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    I love Eliza.

    There. I said it. I feel much better.

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    Eliza is easily my favorite castaway left, which is saying something since I was so attached to Twila and Scout for the first half of the season. Thanks for the article

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    Go Bulgey McEyeballs!

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