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Thread: Survivor: Polynesian Pete Report (Episode 11) - Wipe that smug look off your face!

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    Survivor: Polynesian Pete Report (Episode 11) - Wipe that smug look off your face!

    Polynesian Pete Report - Episode Eleven
    Wipe that smug look off your face!

    The Polynesian Pete Report is a weekly look at the political intrigue and alliance related trends occurring in the Alinta tribe. Who is wheeling? Who is dealing? And of course, who is reeling?

    I remember last week like it was . . . well, last week. We had watched Leann throughout the season. She was getting along with everyone, and seemed to be the number two position in a very dominant alliance. I expected everyone to turn on Ami at some point before the final four, but I was so convinced that Leann might sneak into the final two, that I confidently wrote the following:

    Leann is looking very strong for the final four.
    I was all over that prediction wasnít I? That is right up there with my investments in Enron. I mean, come on folks, we are talking about buying energy. Everyone needs energy right? Right?

    In any case, last week was not my finest hour, but it may have been the finest hour of television in this version of Survivor. Several folks came out of their collective shells and actually made moves. Some of them, Leann specifically, should have kept their mouths shut, but such is the game. It definitely lived up to my best expectations for game play.


    The week began with Chris in a bit of peril to say the least. Scoutís planned coup of the Ami regime had turned to dust, and in the process, Scout had even piled on the Chadwagon for the boot, making it potentially look like Chad and Chrisí votes for Eliza were just their idea. Given that Eliza has appeared to be the most vulnerable woman ever since the days when John visited the Yasur camp, Chris was pretty much left on the highway like so much road kill.

    He decided to take a tact I have to say that I would have tried, that being to stir the pot. He told Ami and Leann about Scoutís plot to first boot Eliza and then Ami, and that oh by the way, Twila was involved as well. Now following that move, both Leann and Ami seemed to express that they understood this was just Chris trying to do what we could to create cracks in their alliance, and they were right.

    However, this affront seemed to shake Leann a bit, and that led to some disastrous (for her) consequences. First the power duo decided to confront Twila and Scout about the plot. Twila at first tried to deny anything happened, but eventually she semi confessed, and implicated Scout as the mastermind of any plots.

    This led to the confrontation with Scout that pretty much sealed the fate of Leann and Ami. Scout was able to turn the tables on them and ask about the status of their agreement to her regarding the final four. I honestly donít recall a scene where any such agreement was formally consummated, but it is clear that Scout thought there was one.

    Put yourself in Ami and Leannís place. You have cornered someone who was actively backstabbing you (with good reason given their place in the game, but backstabbing nevertheless) and they try to turn it back on you by claiming you in effect abandoned them first. How to handle that is a tough question because if we take into account potential voting lines, then Ami and Leann have to find a way to satisfy Scout, or at least not drive her away.

    I remain convinced that all Scout needed to hear from Ami was the verbal Kool-aid that she was indeed still in the double secret final four group, and that all is well. Instead, Leann decided to open her mouth, and we all realize now why her under the radar strategy was her best hope. Rather than placating Scout, Leann did the opposite and denied any agreement, and also indicated that she didnít trust Scout or Twila. I felt the same as Leann, but it is game disaster to actually say that to the person.

    Basically Leann confirmed for Scout and Twila that they were toast, thus setting them free to go make their own deals, and deal they did. Twila turned into Twila Trump and began cutting a swath of destruction across the Yasur ladies.

    About this same time, Julie comes to Chris and briefs him on the fact that the women have decided to finally deal with the Eliza problem. I wonder now if Chrisí moves have been in conjunction with Julie for the last few tribal council visits. Probably not since they have been at cross purposes in voting most of the game, but I have no idea why Julie was so forthcoming with that information.

    This was not a minor conversation either, for the next phase of plotting was pushed forward thanks to Chris having independent confirmation that Eliza was indeed the target. This made it easier for Chris when approached by Scout and Twila to believe that they were not setting him up for failure again. Further, the ladies deserve a lot of credit for thinking to make Chris be the messenger to Eliza. If he fails, they still have plausible deniability. Further, Chris was able to be convincing thanks to knowing from Julie that the threat to Eliza was credible. Twila was masterful this week but all of this began in motion thanks to Leann giving it the push.

    In the end, the four likely next boots in Amiís eyes came together and destroyed her alliance in one day. She had a hand in it, as her smug attitude about things had gotten well out of control. The look on her face as Leann walked away was priceless. However, she is not gone yet, and she now has the chance to turn the tables again. It is unlikely, but possible. Her best hope being to try and get Eliza and Chris under control, or at least one of them to force the tie. If she canít pull it off, she must win immunity or go home.

    Julie is in a tough spot. She was not invited to the table turning party, but if she had been working with Chris, then she now has a tie into the majority group. She needs to find some friends and fast, because the one she has left is not going to be around for long.

    I expect the new power group to stick together long enough to ensure Ami is terminated, but I am not so sure what happens after that.

    I Guess That Didnít Work

    Leann did herself in by confirming for Scout and Twila that she didnít trust them, and by extension that meant that they would be booted soon. It was a monumental mistake by someone who seemed on the fast track for a top four finish.

    That said, I suspect if Ami had not earned immunity, then Leann would still be with us, until next week at least. Certainly a deserving boot.

    Your comments are welcome. Email bill@fansofrealitytv.com
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    In any case, last week was not my finest hour, but it may have been the finest hour of television in this version of Survivor.
    Sure, it was still your finest hour; air-head Leann just ruined it all by opening her mouth. It was definitely the finest hour of the season for Survivor.

    Chris was pretty much left on the highway like so much road kill.
    This just struck me as too funny! Thanks for the report, Bill.

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    great analysis, Bill, even if my Leanne stock did take a beating on your advice.
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    Its hard to add much to your analysis, but here goes:
    Julie: Smart player who could be a key vote in any power struggle in the F5 show, if she survives that long.
    Eliza: everyone' choice to stand next to in the F2, and probably Chris's and Julie's only shot at winning. This might take her a long way.
    Chris: it didn't look good that Twyla had to lead him on the flip, too little sleep and calories might be slowing his brain. But he is tenacious and dangerous.
    Ami: merely the mother of a simplistic alliance strategy? Probably, but if she can make one of the mutiniers look more dangerous than her then she can turn things around.
    Scout: Clearly a great player who turnned liabilities (age and infirmness) into assets. Now she has to deal with the fact that she would beat everyone in the F2, a fear someone will mention soon.
    Twyla: She knows its about the money, and so I expect her to go after Scout after Ami is eliminated.

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    great summary....now if only we could figure out why julie is so generous with sharing her group's plans, maybe things would make sense. something else must be going on behind the scenes

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    Great summary Bill!!!! I couldn't of said it better myself!!!!!
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    Great Bill! Thanks!

    No one could have seen that coming. Leanne kept her mouth shut most of the game, so who could possibly know she would open it to dire consequences??
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    Exceptional analysis.

    I think the girls have got to get rid of chris asap if they want to win, because he would probably win any tribal council vote and is still a strong immunity contender- i don't think he has any enemies on the TC. The only back he's stabbed on the jury is Sarge, and I'll bet Sarge would still vote for him over anyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    I remember last week like it was . . . well, last week.
    This line made me chuckle.

    The game is getting a lot more interesting thanks to Leanne's arrogance/stupidty. I would've bet that Scout, not Twila, would have taken matters in her own hands. All that matters is that someone did, because the show would've been pretty boring if things had stayed the same.

    You're doing a great job, Bill.
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    Outstanding job Bill, and thank you!
    My VCR decided to finally call it quits on Thanksgiving, and my wife missed the episode due to her whole family being over. I had her read your recap and she loved it, she got a real feel on how the whole show went down. Your recap was much more informative and interesting than the CBS version.
    Thanks again.. RC

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