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Thread: Survivor: Polynesian Pete Report (Episode 11) - Wipe that smug look off your face!

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    Thanks, Bill!

    Here's my handicap 'till the end (I don't read spoilers):

    Ami is too dangerous to keep around any longer. Probably gross food eating next. Chris wins that, unless he chokes. The new alliance holds.

    At F5, the others figure out that Scout-Twila are the strongest remaining alliance, and neither is an attractive F2 partner. Bye, Twila.

    At F4, the others realize that Julie would start F2 voting ahead by Ami and Leann's votes. Nobody hates her. Not an attractive F2 partner for any of the remaining. See ya, Julie.

    F3 of Scout/Chris/Eliza. Scout loses the IC challenge and leaves, because both Eliza and Chris would prefer to face the other in F2.

    With the jury at a 5 - 2 female/male composition, girl power triumphs (although they hold their noses when they vote), and Eliza wins. She might also win the car, strange as that sounds, as the F4 are all weak challenge players.

    That's my story, and I'll stick with it (at least until Thursday, LOL).

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    Don't blame it all on Leann's mouth. If memory serves, Ami did her share of ostracising Scout as well?

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    PS. We haven't been shown it but Julie seems to be in the Ami cheerleading squad.

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    Excellent work as usual - you spoil us all, Bill.

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    I remain convinced that all Scout needed to hear from Ami was the verbal Kool-aid that she was indeed still in the double secret final four group, and that all is well. Instead, Leann decided to open her mouth, and we all realize now why her under the radar strategy was her best hope. Rather than placating Scout, Leann did the opposite and denied any agreement, and also indicated that she didnít trust Scout or Twila. I felt the same as Leann, but it is game disaster to actually say that to the person.
    I really don't know what Leann was thinking.
    It was such an error to tell Scout that she was no longer in the final four plans, even if she never was in the first place.

    It was so good to see people finally start playing the game and not just accepting their fate.

    Great analysis, Bill

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    Enjoyed your recap and analysis, thanks!

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    In any case, last week was not my finest hour, but it may have been the finest hour of television in this version of Survivor.
    At the time your comments were spot on!

    Another great analysis by the way! thanks a lot Bill

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