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Thread: Standing in the Shadows - Week 11

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    Julie: I was like...whoah...and he was like...whoah...and we were like....totally, totally, like....whoah.

    Do you think they were the inspiration for that movie, "Dude, where's my car?"

    Thanks guys for all the work that you put into these creative and hilarious shadows.

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    OMG Julie's was the funniest, I so got that valley girl/tomboy vibe from her this week.What was up with the Julie: Dude Justin: Dude Julie: Dude Justin: Dude stuff going on ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzer
    Actually, Dirk, the article is compiled from a large group of contributors (writers and mods on the site), and all of the following deserve credit for the shadows this season (this is posted at the bottom of the article every week):
    Bill, Bravo, cali, eny, Feifer, hepcat, Ilikai, Lobeck, Lucy, Manny, Miss F, Paulie, Shazzer, sher, spegs, Stargazer, Wayner, Wolf and Zaius

    Glad you enjoyed it, though. Many talented people make up this fun read.

    That said, hilarious shadows this week, everyone!!
    Well done to everyone involved. You obviously put a lot of effort into these shadows and you deserve a standing ovation.

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    Well apparently you guys have your new episode on tonight and unfortunately Australia is about 4 days behind and I don't want to know what happens

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