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Thread: 11/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Dangit....I missed the end of the show because I was going to the hospital (long story...."your troubles" thread in General Discussion). I left just as they were headed to tribal council and they said that bug-Eye-Za was gone. I am ticked that I missed the ending.
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    ahhh. See you missed the best 5 minutes of the whole series.
    Not to compound whatever problems sent you to hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    Maybe I remember it wrong. But I really remember early on in Survivor, that if there was a tie during tribal counsel, the two that had the most votes (& tied) had a memory game to break the tie.. I think that happened once or twice and the 'purple rock' only happened that one time... Does anyone else remember it this way?
    I also think that if two people got the same number of votes during TC, the 'show' would consider pasts votes against someone and the person with the most previous votes would get the boot..
    They should just forget that stupid PRoD. It puts the game into a game of chance. What if they just let the last person voted off vote? Or whoever has the immunity will vote again and decide who she/he wants out.

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    Thanks for the info, Dawg.

    It doesn't make sense to me why a tie breaker would involve more than the people tied to be the loser.

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    Here's my theory. Ami and LeeAnn were aware they had lost their alliance with Scout and Twila after Chris stirred things up. Their Alliance is actually Ami, LeeAnn and Julie but now they are out numbered if the others get together. It's vital they vote one of the others off to even the odds, so they choose Eliza because they know Scout doesn't like her and they believe everyone wants her off and will go along. If their position was stronger I believe they would have gone for Chris. Unfortunately they messed it up for themselves by being too smug. Too bad that...

    Did see that look Ami gave Eliza when her name was read out first. Eliza looks at her with concern, either believing she is going home or playing along, Ami barely deems to meet her gaze but just subtly nods her head to say "Yep it's you going home this time". Ha, priceless! :phhht

    Just maybe Chris has an outside chance of winning now since he has acquired some currency with Eliza and weirdly this is a good thing. Eliza is an ideal person to go into F2 with and she distrusts the others now. Chris needs her to form an alliance and Eliza might want Chris as an F2 partner because of the womens alliance in the jury, (In her case I wouldn't count on it too much, ha ) It's difficult to see how they can pull this off though with limited brain cells to rub together, but for the numbers alone Julie will be needing some new friends very soon...

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    It will be really funny when everyone of them gets the boot one by one but Chris and Eliza. I thought it last week that these 2 will be the F2, as everyone goes after each other. They will be the only 2 standing when the dust settles.

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