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Thread: **Spoilers** Boot/RC/IC picks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    Well, part of it was true...

    And about all these sites coming up with the same response.... maybe they just copy each other?
    I think the other sites see what SNN says, and then copy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debster
    Well, I guess I was wrong. Ami turned on Eliza so I guess they didn't have the final two pact.

    I must admit it was enjoyable to see them turn on Ami/Leanne/Jules.
    IT was about time. If only Scout and Twila had the balls to join the men earlier it would have been a way more enjoyable season.

    I think the fact that Scout and Twila are missing that particular part of the male anatomy was what made Yasur tribe so .... how should I say it ??? feminiminen.

    If they had the b**** they would have been on the Lopevi tribe.

    ( Sorry, Debster ... just my sense of humor )
    Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.- Steven Wright

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