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Thread: Your thoughts on the "Get rid of the Men" strategy?

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    Your thoughts on the "Get rid of the Men" strategy?

    I was just so annoyed by this strategy. (Female solidarity? Did someone mention blatant sexism?) It's hard enough surely to be selected for the Survivor season, you don't deserve to be cheated of your chance like this.

    The longer it goes on the more hair brained the idea appears to be. In Survivor it's pretty obvious you have to make alliances where you can find them according to your best interests. So I'd put this one in the "it seemed like a good idea at the time" basket because the lower pecking order women are being denied alternative support from the men and turn out to be more vulnerable under this strategy. They shouldn't have bought into it if they had known. Notice Ami is pushing hard for it to continue.

    Coming seasons of Survivor should be fun! If they ever split the tribes into male and female again it will be survival of the fittest to vote the opposite sex out first, just in case they are planning to do it to you.

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    hopefully they wont recycle this one more time

    well i have to say, i think had the roles had been reveresed and the men had ended up having the bigger numbers, i'm sure they would have taken the women out....so i dont think this get rid of the men strategy is so bad, it is outwit outplay outlast....you gotta do what you gotta do

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    I think the men pretty much screwed themselves over by voting out the strongest, most competitive players at the outset of the game. They could've led the men to more victories and had the advantage after the merge. I guess they didn't count on needing the younger men or on the women's alliance being SO strong it's nearly unbreakable.
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    I'm not so sure there would have been a straightforward Pagonging if the guys had went in with a numbers advantage. Remember, the only way the guys would have gone in with a numbers advantage is if some of the younger men had not left - a John, or Brady, etc. Given that Sarge and his group did not have the full control Ami seems to have over the women, they would have had to reach across tribal lines to keep that control. Without the confidence of numbers they have right now, someone like Twila or Eliza would have probably jumped ship.

    I don't particularly think booting the younger guys was such a bad call, either. 9 out of 10 times, bringing along a group of four - which is what Sarge did - would have been enough to go long into the game. It was a judgment call, and based on the information they had it was the right one. The women ranked low on the totem pole should have realized that they would have been better off in the long term changing sides. What's really remarkable is the fact that some have been drinking the all-women's alliance Kool-Aid for so long.

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    It's as good a strategy as any. It gets you further in the game the same as "let's get rid of the old" first (ageism? what a crock) or backstabbing your way there. As long as you have the advantage, why would you give it up? With only one guy left, it will be up for grabs now as they all jockey for position. And where did Lisa fall in this strategy? She said something stupid that was interpreted as a threat so went home instead of Rory. Seems to me the threats were being booted and it just so happens that its been the men.... considering men have more body strength than women (even these out of shape guys) and your in individual immunity, they have a good chance of pulling a Colby.

    For a chance at $1million, i'd have to agree with a "better you than me" strategy of booting up to a point when I could then make my move and have a good shot at it succeeding. If the other women felt they were denied of the support of the men, they could have done something about it, but they wanted to last longer in the game just ( who doesn't?) Just like the men lost their advantage booting the young strong guys, if it backfires and some women lose out, they have themselves to blame for who they booted.

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    I think Ami has a few issues regarding men. Nevertheless, she needed a rally cry so to speak to keep unity in her ranks, so the all female alliance was a good common goal. I don't fault Ami, in fact she has played a strong game. She isn't going to come close to winning in my opinion, but whomever does win, they will owe a lot to Ami.

    On the other hand, I have to agree with Leo and say the guys strategy was pretty good. Honestly the booting of the young guys was more than justified. Let's not forget they were trying to get Sarge, Chris and Chad booted themselves. None of the group of John, Brady, and John were good players. I expected Brady to be a very good player, but he did nothing to save himself when it was obvious his initial choice of alliances was a loser.

    The guys had a good alliance in place, and I think if Twila had not fallen for Julie's trick, the merge would have come out differently, and Ami would be out of the game.

    The sad thing is that Twila knows now that Julie tricked her, but she has hitched her wagon to Ami even though she has no chance at the final four because of it.
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    Well, what else could the women have done? It's a function of having been put on same-gender teams in the first place. Survivors typically form alliances within their original tribe before the merge, even if those alliances get shaken up later on; that's what the women did here. They're not just saying "get rid of the men," they're saying, "get rid of the other tribe." They're not the first tribe to do so.
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    I agree with Lucy (and others who've said this on other threads)--this would never have happened if the original tribes had not been gender split. That said though, it makes it easier to maintain the unity of the original tribe after the merge... especially since I think the women truly believe that Ami means it--that she wants an all female final 4 or 5 or 6. So they don't think their leader will doublecross them; they believe she will keep on Pagonging until all the men are gone.
    It also makes a lot of sense to get rid of the men if you are a woman. Let's say you do make it to the final 3. That last immunity test is always an endurance one, and depending on what kind of endurance, and many have required upper body strength, most of the women I'm sure would rather compete against other women than any of the men, even Chris.
    If the men had had the upper hand though I doubt they would have been as consistent---they, or at least some of them, also wouldn't want to compete against men in the final 3 and would have combined with some of the weaker women to vote off stronger men--as they did with John K. Chris, for example, would have seen it was to his advantage not to be in a final round with Chad or even Sarge. And of course Chris, who seems to look ahead, wouldn't want to be in the final 2 with nice guys Chad or Sarge anyway.
    In short, before any more cries of sexism, remember the verb to Pagong--it didn't come from a gender divided season!

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    I think it's perfectly sensible and effective as far as the ladies go.
    Ami, Julie and Leanne should be quite happy and proud of themselves.
    After the Men have gone, they have a nice clearcut set of Outsiders in Scout, Twila and Eliza to knock out.

    Very neat and skillfully done, if a bit dull for us.

    It could have been different, and that's NOT by the men "keeping the secksy young studs about". The elder men have proven to be quite competent at the challenges.
    If Julie had been dumped and John kept, the balance of power would have been quite different.

    Just the razors edge, and the women were lucky.

    For future seasons...
    1) Don't set up obvious divisions. Not age, or sex or race or anything else. Make the mix deliberately ambiguous.
    2) More dishonest people. Nice people, people with "Honour", don't backstab. They dont switch sides.
    3) Put the tribes physically near each other. Let them interact more. Figure out alliances with the Enemy.

    Break down the Us vs Them mentality.

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