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Thread: Why are the women being led?

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    Why are the women being led?

    At this stage I'd have said Ami (much as I'd hate to see it happen) is shaping up to be the most likely winner. I can't understand how the other women are so accommodating toward her since she's the obvious threat? Maybe the whole 'Lets get the men first' thing has made them blind to the danger?

    It's a bit like Rawb from the All Stars all over again. Too many people are not picking their own plays or are flip flopping back and forth and expecting to be carried along to the finish. It's going to be a shock for some of them when inevitably the cannibalization starts?

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    the sweetest thing snickers's Avatar
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    i really dont think the women this season are sheep....all stars were sheep

    i think once they take out the men, the game will change will quite a bit, it might even change this week who knows

    we havent really seen ami saying to anyone who she wants to go to final 2 with....i'm guessing eliza, but i think its odd they havent showed us her making any deals with anyone, perhaps she is not making deals, it could be why no one is threatened by her

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    Didn't Ami say once that she didn't care who won, as long as there were women there ?

    I didn't really understand it at the time because Marquesas and PI both had all female F2.

    I can't believe she wouldn't care who won, why are they playing the game ? Of course she sees herself in the F2, who doesn't ? Okay, maybe Leann, she seems to be borrowing someone elses brain thru most the show.
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    I agree with snickers, I am not seeing them act like sheep. They're all getting rid of the guys, which..for any of them to even THINK of winning...is a great plan.
    And yup, once Chris is gone.. just watch how it'll get ugly!
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    I don't think it's easy to see yourself being "played".
    In All-Stars everyone thought they had a secret deal with Rob-Amber. Rupert said he was grateful to Rob for honouring his deal. Tom was angry because he got stiffed. But they all thought they had a good thing going until they got the chop.

    I think Scout is just dawning on the realization that she isn't in the "In Crowd" anymore.

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    Oh, I agree that once Chris is gone, the women will be clawing each other out. I personally think that Leanne is going to turn on Ami. That would be so awesome!
    IF Ami wasn't so smug and arrogant, I probably would be rooting for her.

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    well. i for one am loving this show, love the women have held together and not listen to some idea imparted to them from the men to go to their side. I have seen too many do this and then get burned thinking that they were going to the final two. Men lie to get ahead and what ever else is in their sights. plain and simple. and too many women fall for it. this is a strong batch of women

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    I don't think that any of them want to lead the charge against Ami just yet and be seen as a mutineer. They all know that once they announce a plan to the rest they had better stick with it or risk being voted out for wavering a la Dolly. They will have to think about taking Ami out soon as she is such a threat to make an immunity run, but she also seems to have picked up quite a bit about providing food from that early reward. Unfortunately, there are a couple of women who won't go out on their own and will only follow, so time will tell which side wins out.
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