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Thread: Sarge Falls Victim to 'Survivor' Alliance

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    "I can say a lot of hateful things," Masters told The Associated Press Friday. "In my mind, it's just a way of saying `a group of sorry women.'
    What a baby. Why is he SOOOooo mad that he was voted off? OOOooo how evil and MEAN that you were voted off, those darned wiley women of estrogen city!! :::shaking fist in air:::
    I absolutely HATE IT when voted of persons go on and on and on and ON about how MAD they are after being voted out. For Pete sake.. you were outlasted, outwitted, and outPLAYED, playa! Now GIT! Git to walking that shameful walk!
    After being voted off, the first thing Masters wanted to do was "take all those nice blankets and burn them and throw all the pots in the ocean."
    Oh, nice. Reaaaal nice ya crybaby. :rolleyes
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    Quote Originally Posted by dawg
    Honeyoats ... didn't you know ... in some peoples minds it the divine right of a man to win ?

    When your team is humiliating the other team it feels good, when the other team is humiliating your team ... well, that's just plain wrong. :rolleyes

    You are right, the strategy is the same.

    Lea is a prime example of why Amy has become a man hater....

    Another funny thing last night was when Chris was saying how cocky Ami was, well when the older men alliance was voting all the younger men out They acted cocky...

    The men on this show are hypocrites..

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    Sarge and the other men have no one to blame but themselves.

    They voted out the strongest, younger men of their tribe first, and lost enough immunity challenges that their numbers disadvantage combined with their inner divisions meant at the merge they didn't have the critical mass to break the women's whole-tribe alliance.

    The older-man alliance was your idea, Sarge. Stop griping.
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