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Thread: when is Survivor finale?

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    when is Survivor finale?

    Does anyone know the remainder of the TV schedule for Survivor? I know there will be no show on Thanksgiving. When is the finale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovethisshow
    Does anyone know the remainder of the TV schedule for Survivor? I know there will be no show on Thanksgiving. When is the finale?
    I read that this season will be made up of 14 episodes compared to the 13 that make up most seasons. Given that Episode 3 had a double TC, the extra episode will be required to get rid of the second of the two extra castaways included this season.

    It also appears that we may not have a recap episode this go around either. It usually surfaces in around the Episode 7-9 range. Episode 9 was last night and next week's show is not being advertised as the recap show, so I'm thinking we may not have a recap show this year.

    So, if it's a for sure thing that Survivor will not air on Thanksgiving, the next four episodes will probably be broadcast as follows:

    Episode 10 - November 18
    Episode 11 - December 2
    Episode 12 - December 9
    Episode 13 - December 16

    If Episode 13 does air on Thursday, December 16, I doubt that they'll air the final episode and reunion (3 hours of prime time programming) seven days later on the 23rd of December, given that it is so close to Christmas.

    My guess is that it will air on the following Sunday (December 19) instead. CBS has broadcast Survivor finales on Sunday in the past, so this may be what they elect to do this time as well.

    I'm not certain of this timetable, of course. It's just my best guess.

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    We may also want to remember that the networks usually pepper their schedules with holiday specials and repeat episodes between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's.

    Although I'm not aware if CBS has detailed its holiday plans, it should be noted, that the network may not air "Survivor" on each of the following Thursdays.

    My guess (and it is only a guess) would be that CBS may want to extend "Survivor: Vanuatu" as long as possible, so the finale may not air until early to mid January 2005 as a result.

    CBS will surely want to launch the next season of "Survivor" sometime during February sweeps without too much of a delay between seasons.

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    Didn't Survivor air on Wednesday last year at Thanksgiving ? If thats the case then the dates will be:
    Nov. 18
    Nov 24
    Dec 2
    Dec 9
    Dec 12 - since the 3 hour finale have aired on Sundays lately.

    But that's just my guess.

    CBS will carry TAR thru Christmas, and it probably will last until the next season of Survivor. I don't think they'll carry Survivor thru Christmas.

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    I saw on several sites that for the first time CBS is airing an episode on Thanksgiving day, so I'd guess the finale will air Dec 12 or 16.

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    we'll have to wait and see

    So maybe there WILL be an episode on Thanksgiving. I remembered that they usually air it on Wednesday before T'giving. WHO KNOWS? I emailed CBS to see if they'll reply but I doubt it. I'll just keep checking the TV listings. Even tho I think this season is a little dull, I'll still be watching.

    I think the possible schedule by Dawg seems the most likely.
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    My guess is that it will be on Dec. 19th @ 8:00 pm.

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    According to the "Survivor" page on TVTome.com, a news item dated Nov. 11 says that TV Guide mentions the finale will air on Dec. 12, 2004.

    If that is the case, "Survivor" may air an episode on Thanksgiving or the day before. Here's the way the scenario would play out assuming the Dec. 12 date is correct...

    Nov. 18...episode 10
    Nov. 24 or 25...episode 11
    Dec. 2...episode 12
    Dec. 9...episode 13
    Dec. 12...episode 14 & reunion (Sunday)

    Also, most seasons of "Survivor" have had 14 episodes (if you include the halfway re-cap episode). All seasons have had 14 episodes with the exception of season one (Borneo) which had 13, season two (Australian Outback) which had 15, and season 8 (All-Stars) which had 16 episodes.

    However, the "Vanuatu" season cannot have a re-cap episode in order for this scenario to work. Personally, I would air the re-cap episode the week of Thanksgiving since viewership will likely not be as high that night (or the Wednesday before) as a regular Thursday.

    Also, the re-cap episode, which it usually falls in the area of weeks 8 or 9, has aired as late as Episode 11 (the Thailand season) and Episode 10 (the Amazon season). Coincidentally, the Thailand re-cap episode aired the week of Thanksgiving in 2002.

    If CBS decides to air a re-cap episode on Nov. 24/25, then simply push the above example back a week, meaning the finale/reunion would air on Dec. 19 and not Dec. 12.

    In regards to "Amazing Race", keep in mind it will debut on Nov. 16, compared to Sept. 16 for "Survivor: Vanuatu". So, "Survivor" has a two month head start. If CBS were to air "TAR" uninterrupted (unlikely, as it would most likely be pre-empted at least once during Dec./Jan.), it's usual order of 12/13 episodes would guarantee a late January/early February wrap date.

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    Definetly Decmeber 12th.

    Here's a contest to attend the finale:


    No recap episode. yay!

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    So the finale is December 12, that's good, I can put it on my calendar. Thanks for the info.

    As for that contest, it's only open to Washington State residents!

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