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Thread: Did anyone see Jeff cohost with Kelly Ripa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan92645
    Was anyone else frustrated with her lack of questioning of Jeff?
    I doubt if vapid Kelly does any preparation for the show.

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    {{Kelly *was* a big fan but is losing interest, I think. }}
    Dogbat and eny, I don't remember her being a big fan but I'll take your word for it. I know she was heavily into Temptation Island and The Swan. Qboots, great analogy for Jeff's 70s photo: Porn star. And Kelly said, "Looks like you could have used the hair dryer" (upon realizing that Jeff's then-girlfriend, Susan, had received a blow dryer from Grannie.)

    And what's up with Jeff "whispering" into Kelly's ear the location of the next one??? OOOOOOOHHHHHH, now there's good television, have the hosts tell each other secrets! What producer thought that up???

    Love it when Jeff doesn't allow Kelly to belittle herself and her looks on TV, too. He's called her on it before. Really enjoyed his comment when she started saying how desperate he'd have to be to hang out with her, the roll of the eyes and "...oh here we go with that world again..." Yep, Jeff's a good fill-in for Ol' Reege, just gotta get Kelly up to speed!

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    She was a big fan, at least of the earlier shows. She always knew who did what to whom , and spoke as a fan and not as someone who read cheat sheets. Reege as always had no clue.

    I'm sorry I missed it , as it sounds weirdly entertaining. I think someday Jiff will make a marvy talk show host. he won't let anyone get away with anything. As for the next show , Kelly is famously unplugged from the net so he had to tell her whats known online . Hi-light if you want to know what he told her. If not just ignore me

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    So, it's not on Kong Island?
    No dinosaurs or giant apes next season then.

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