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Thread: 10-21-04 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnyone
    True, but I had to agree with Eliza about how little Scout actually does in challenges. She was the eyes for the puzzle game (and screwed up), then she was the gate keeper and then she was the totem pole maker during the IC. I am sure there are a few more *challenges* where everyone else BUT Scout was challenged but I can't remember them. Why they keep her I don't know- she has not physically participated in a challenge yet and that really bugs me.
    I agree with you. It's easy to NOT take part in the really physical challenges and therefore not take responsibility if things go wrong. How long can this go on? I'm the first to admit that Eliza isn't the strongest link, but at least she is participating in the physical challenges. There is going to come a time when Scout (as much as I like her) will have to do compete physically and then we'll see what happens.

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    Impressions of a tribe...

    I have revised my picks after this ep to Sarge, Chad, Twila and Ami as the alternate.

    Sarge- I think he's genuine in his offer to make Twila part of their alliance. He had nice things to say about her. However, Sarge will have to get rid of Chris, if he wants to be in charge.

    Chad- Brady said from the beginning that Chad will be impossible to beat, if he makes it to the final 2. I agree. He's well liked. He helps around camp. He's good in the challenges, but not an overwhelming threat, because of his artificial foot. He will get far in an alliance with Sarge, but Chris will get rid of him as soon as the numbers make that a viable option.

    Twila- She wants to trust Sarge, but doesn't want to look foolish, if he's playing her. I'm afraid that, if she keeps trying to cover all of her bases, no one will trust her and she won't have a chance.

    Chris- Probably the best strategist in the game. I don't like him, but I respect his game play so far. I'm sure he's still hoping that Rory will survive until merge and be pulled back into his fold until final 2 slaughter time. He must be also thinking about a back up plan. Other than Rory, the least liked person he knows at this point is...Twila? That would be great news for her.

    John- He's helped them in the challenges, but at this point they don't really need him and they don't trust him. He will not be part of their alliance after the merge and is way too big of a threat. I think they will get rid of him, before they vote off either of the women.

    Julie- She probably moons people on the beach all of the time. I didn't hear any objection to her classy announcement. I don't remember her getting much "exposure" in the show so far.

    Scout- Is she still here? Thanks guys for explaining the good reason to keep her. I've been struggling with this one.

    Ami- I'm liking her less with every show. The team needs her strength, but not her attitude. She does get high marks for calling Eliza on her excuse making blather. She also came right out and told Lisa she had a problem with her and the stupid reason for it instead of just plotting behind her back. That came later. If she continues on her current path, I may just have to take her off my list.

    Rory- Is he still here? He truly did bust this butt in the challenges. He must think he works hard around camp, because he did go on about it. I don't think they will trust him enough to keep him through merge- nor should they.

    Eliza- pathetic, loser mentality

    Leann- weak, uninspiring

    I think that's everyone that's left.

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    I still think Ami is playing to lose the next challenge and oust either rory or scout hoping that the merge will come at 10. If she loses the next challenge and the merge happens at 10 she has all the pieces to pull the 2 women back from Lopevi and possibly John as well and take out Sarge and company which I think she sees as the main threats. If they feel there is no merge coming at 10 she will need to dump scout as fast as possible to ensure any chance of winning an IC and keeping enough of the team together.

    On the surface there seems to have been a tacit alliance with Ami and the older women. But she has been planting seeds the entire time. Eliza seems to feel very comfortable with Ami and is very plyable because of it.
    Leanne obviously has some connection with Ami for her to vote lisa off. We saw no communication to her about who she should vote for.

    Scout has given over the power to Ami at least for this one vote we shall see if she can take it back. There are still 3 players on Yasur who all want the target off thier backs. It only takes 3 votes now to dump someone. The power stuggle in camp will be interesting.

    As far as a long term plan neither camp has a solid 5 person alliance at the merge. They are all talking 3's and 4's and playing an individual game.

    If Lopevi throws the next IC or by some miracle Yasur wins the dynamics of a merged at 10 tribe are very interesting. We will have a lot of undercurrents. And the winning side will need to consist of 6 votes. I dont see straight Pangonging going on after the merge there is not enough solidarity in lopevi to let that many threats stick around that long and there is not enough power in Yasur to actually pull it off.

    This is where the real players in this game will really shine. Look for the biggest immunity threats to go first regardless of tribe once merge is on. These people have been playing individual games way too early to stop all of a sudden and play a team game when it no longer matters.

    Watch Chris assassinate Sarge at first opportunity apparently out of nowhere he may even orchestrate it yet not vote for it.

    I see all typical play going out the window with a merge Especially if Lopevi loses IC this next week.

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    The challenges are almost always designed so that at least one person plays a role which is not particularly physical, so a team can afford to bring along a Scout type who perhaps is valued for her work around the camp, her calm demeanor and her maternal presence. Eliza would love to have her non physical job, but she's a bit of a firecracker around camp. All this is changing now anyway, with loyalties and alliances shifting, and has anyone noticed that no one has been voted off because they failed to produced physically? Quite the opposite actually. For this reason, Scout, Leanne and Eliza really needn't worry about their lack of physicality, though they may go up on the block for other reasons...
    And hey, what's the deal with the challenges getting harder? They start out with some balance beams that are made for the women, and now, one of the most difficult obstacle courses ever featured on Survivor. I was pretty impressed that Ami handled it so well. Don't the challenges start getting more mental somewhere in here?

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    when sarge and twila were in the jungle having their little pow wow, that when they came back, the logs they were carrying were saw cut? where did they get the saw?

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    I think the winner will come out of Lopevi. I was rooting for Yassur, but they have totally lost me. Ami used to be my favorite, but she turned into a royal witch. Eliza has never been one I liked. LeeAnn is ok, but she will need to do major damage control to stay. Scout is a great person, but is physically weak and that won't help them win challenges. Rory had rubbed me the wrong way from day one.

    I like Sarge. He isn't the strongest, but he still manages to get the job done. Twila bugged me at first, but she has a great work ethic and her personality is alot better at Lopevi. Chad is inspiring, all the stuff he does with his artificial leg. I pick him to win it all. Chris is getting a little less obnoxious as the season wears on. John is cute and should go farther in this competition. Julie is the only one on this tribe that it would pain me to see in the final four. I think the final four should be Sarge, Chad, Chris and Twila.
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