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Thread: Paulie's Precaps - Episode 5: Nerf Cakes In Shaped Cups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    Chris grins sadly as he looks down at his toes. “Remember that time we found a paper clip on the beach, and he wound up using some of the tape from the first aid kit and some other odds and ends he found around camp so he could build us a radio that would pick up baseball games being broadcast from America?”

    “Oh, it was awful!” she exclaims. “It reminds me of this time when I was 8, and I fell off my bike, and this boy Joey was there, who was cute, even though I didn’t know it at the time. He became a doctor, you know. Married this girl I couldn’t stand when she and I were in high school. We were in the same English class, and she was so vain. Always had to have her hair a certain way, or she’d get upset. I used to put freshly-sharpened pencils in her hair, just to see if she’d notice.”

    In the stunned, uncomfortable silence that follows, no Survivor dares speak for fear of transforming Jeff’s general wrath into a more focused brand of fury.

    “We’ll delegate it, Sarge,” Chris says. “About face, soldier. Dismissed.”
    Bravo, Paulie. Another hilarious, well-written precap.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    “But that’s not Survivor!” John explodes. “Whatever happened to backstabbing and conniving? Whatever happened to betrayal? These are values I thought really meant something on this show, and it’s why I signed up. All this mindless camaraderie, this thoughtless adherence to ‘your word,’ as you call it. It’s just bad for the game, and if you expect me to just sit idly by and let you ruin Survivor with your predictable and boring play, well, you might as well vote me out now because I don’t want any part of it.”
    Too funny! Great precap Paulie!
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