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Thread: Is it predictable?

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    Is it predictable?

    I keep hearing and reading a lot of complaints about this season being too predictable and boring. I like this season. No, I don't like it as much as the first couple of seasons but I can't think of any show that I thought was just as good in it's ninth season as it was in it's first seasons. Can you?

    I have read the the men vs. women split is repetitive. This is only the second time they have done this and personally I think the Amazon season was one of the best. How many ways are there to split the tribes up? They can do it randomly. They can have them picked by a couple of the survivors as they did in Marquesas. I suppose they could do young vs. old but that seems a bit unfair during physical challenges.

    Yes, some things are going to be similar to things they have done in the past. Should they completely change the format just for the sake of change? I don't think so. I want there to be an air of familiarity. I like the show as it is and they try to throw in a few minor changes each season to keep it from being exactly the same as the season before.

    I hear that it is too predictable this season with all of the elders voting off the younger crowd. Is this predictable? Who would have thought going in that this would happen? This has never happened before. There have been 5 people voted off and I would not say they were all predictable. The first episode is always hard to predict since we don't know the players very well yet. Although in the past I have had a pretty good sense of who might go even before all of the conspiring before the vote is shown to us. This time, until Sarge single out Brook I did not even know who he was.

    Before episode 2 started there is no way anyone would have guessed Dolly to be the first female boot. It looked like the young girls(and Lisa) clearly had a strong alliance and would vote off an elder. Going into episode 3 it wold seem that Eliza would either join the elder alliance or she would be the youngin most likely to get the boot. Admittedly, the last two boots are no big surprise but now we likely have a tribal mix-up ahead and the dynamics could change in many ways.

    So yes, some things are going to be predictable. They are usually going to start each show with the losiing tribe right after tribal council. They are then likely to show a little bit of what's going on in each trible the next day or two. Then we will usually get a reward challenge. See the tribe/individual enjoy their reward. Immunity challenge. Jockeying for position. Tribal council.
    Every now and then they will throw in something like a combination immunity/reward challenge but for the most part they stick the the same formula that they have used from the beginning. This is how the show worked for them then and how it is working for them now. Survivor is still a top ten show. I am not as fascinated by it now as I was 4 years ago but I still love it. Long live Survivor!

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    I think that, when looking back, it's easy to say that it was predictable. But really, it wasn't. Dolly screwing up and getting herself voted off was unexpected, as was Lisa's betrayal of Mia in the following episode. Meanwhile, Lea has been toying with the idea of getting rid of Rory, and more than a few people in this forum thought he would do it within the last couple of weeks.

    I do think that the next two or three episodes would have been predictable if it weren't for the tribal switch (most of the remaining young folks will probably still fail to make the merge), but afterwards, things should really heat up. It's impossible at this point to predict the eventual winner, or even the final four.

    I'd say that this season has the potential to be better than at least four of the previous five seasons.

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    Survivor All-Stars was predictable. This show is not Survivor All-Stars. There are no predictable winners for me yet.

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    I don't think the people dislike survivor because its predictable, but because they have no affection for anybody.

    Take Brady for example ... aside from the fact that he was a good-looking guy, was there anything else you could say about his personality, or memorable scenes/comments he has made?

    So when Brady gets ousted, there is no "wow" or "aww damn" involved. If this was the 2nd or 3rd show, I would undertstand ... but we are now (5?) shows into this season ... and there isn't much to identify with here.

    This all being said ... if these entrenched alliances come together (the merge will probably break all that up) .. THEN it might get interesting. You could see some violent clashes or epic backstabbing. Until then, its a wait-and-see.

    People are too quick to label this "boring" or "worst season" ... but they have some valid points in their arguements, so far.

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    Survivor tends to be a slow starter as far as things go. Things usually get better post-merge, and I hope that will be the case with this bunch.

    I still wouldn't mind MB tweaking the game during the earlier stages, though.

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    I am one of those people who thinks its getting boring. I think its just the suvivor formula showing its age. A lot of what we have seen this season is 'different' but it really is the same. The rewards, always fishing rods and food.. people expect these things when going on the show now. Is there only one way to give fire (splint)? People align, solve giant puzzles, get dirty.

    Maybe its the editing crew this season. In the past they would never give away who was getting voted off, now it seems like they are putting little effort into making it a mystery. Even with Dolly, the way that episode was edited you really could have guessed that she was going to go. As soon as you saw the fat 5 get together... did you really think they wouldn't vote off the young? We then had to wait 3 episodes for it to get somewhat interesting... but then they try and change things up by mixing the tribes.. now its not young vs old.. its men vs woman... Yawn... Different but the same.

    To keep people watching I think they will have to change the formula, not just 'letting the old guys win' type of changes. Things like bringing back a castaway.. that was really cool... 3 tribes.. cool. I think it would be a great idea to let people try and get back in the game somehow... almost like all the castaways go to their own tribe and fight between themselves for a chance to get back in the game.

    I'm a diehard survivor fan, watched all seasons.. the formula is tired. Time for a big change or they won't have many seasons left.


    ps - now they are resorting to nudity to get people to tune in for the next episode... excellent sign they are trying hard to keep viewers. Needless to say I'll be watching.

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    [QUOTE=holocron]...Is there only one way to give fire (splint)?... QUOTE]


    Now that would be unpredictable if someone broke a leg and they just put a splint on it and kept going.

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    haha sorry.. FLINT

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    I think the reason people, including myself to a point, find this season boring is as toxic said, there are no real personalities. One of the things I really like about survivor, and all of reality tv for that matter, is all the different and sometimes wacky personalities we get to see. There are people we love, people we love to hate, and people we love to laugh at. We get to see all of these people interact and thats fun.
    This season there seem to be no real personalities, for better or worse. So far I feel everyone is just kinda there. I thought Scout would be really eccentric, but for the most part she is just kinda there. There is no joker, a la Rob C, or big villain a la Jerri...at least yet.
    The reason I think this is so pronounced this season is the last season of survivor was all stars. Yes it was predictable, yes romber was annoying, yes Rupert was annoying, but the one big difference was everyone (alright almost everyone) has a big personality. That is the reason these people are considered all stars, because everyone either loves or hates them for one reason or another. These were not the people where you were like, who was that blond girl who almost passed out again? I think going from the very loud personalities of all stars to the normal mix of vanuatu is what is making it seem so boring to a lot of people.

    Maybe some people are just tired of survivor. For me, I'm not tired of survivor, I just want to laugh again. I want to yell at the tv when they don't vote off a witch. I want to smile when two nice people who are aligned make it another week. Maybe I just need to remember, this isn't all stars, and then things will be in a better perspective.

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    I totally agree with weezerette. The personalities this season just seems so dull. Maybe its the editing or maybe their personalities really are dull but there are no people to root for or to hate that much. i don't feel strongly for any one of them, making me not care what happens on the show

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