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Thread: Is it predictable?

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    Yes, I have to admit I don't have anyone I feel that strongly about this season...at least so far. No one I despise and no one I am really rooting for. I don't know that I would say they miscast them though. A look at them from the first episode or two would have suggested some good potential for strong personalities and more clashes. Sarge obviously has a strong personality. Eliza looked like she might be a strong contender for someone to hate. Twila's rough-around-the-edges personality showed promise. Brady, Bubba, Dolly and Scout had interesting/colorful backgrounds which might provide good entertainment. Unfortunately they are panning out to be quite as entertaining as we would like.

    I would like to see them do a season where they do a tribe shuffle every 3 days. I think this would make it very difficult to have alliances that could be truly trusted. The only problem with this idea might be the same one that arose this season...It might be unfair to the strong males. If the tribes are constantly changing then why keep the strong ones?

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    i think last nights show made it a little less predictable. i can not believe the guys turned on each other. i thought for sure they would try to get a girl on their side not turn on each other. Let's see what Rory does next week. If he goes it will be predictable again, but i have a feeling some how he will stay in it...


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    I think that this season may be suffering more from editing than from the players. Scout obviously has a VERY strong personality - otherwise her entire gal tribe wouldn't be so supporttive of her, yet, we haven't gotten to see much of that at this time. Hopefully, this means that Scout makes it past the merge, and we will get to see more her later on. But for right now, it seems that her shining moments are being edited out to give us more time to see the other players. The same goes with Ami. She seemed to be under the radar and then suddenly turned into a loud mouth. Was she really under the radar, or were her previous loud mouth moments edited out?

    The other thing that I think is important to consider is the number of players. Yes, there were 18 in ASS, but we knew them (at least most of us knew most of them). We may be closing on episode 6 (or is it 7?), but numbers-wise, we're only just now down to 12 survivors. The editing has to make room for more people to get air-time, and unfortunatley, in those early episodes, they have to leave a lot of time for that week's boot (i.e. Dolly and the maggoty rice).

    One of the reasons that Survivor picks up so nicely after merge is that we only have one tribe to look at, and few people, therefore longer air-time to get to know those personalities.
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    i think having 18 people is a slight problem

    in allstars the players were returning, so people were familiar with them

    also, in past survivors, the first 5 or 6 people voted out i never got a feel for them or ther personalities mostly because of time, i think by the time ther merge happens, their personalities will come out more

    i think they should have had 3 tribes of 6 for this season like they did in all stars

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue jean baby
    i can not believe the guys turned on each other.

    They did not "turn on each other". They needed at least two of the five women to vote with them, and that that just wasn't going to happen. So they did the only thing they could: they voted for each other in attempt to show the women that they were willing to vote with the group and be part of the team. It's a futile gesture, but better than getting nasty about it.

    Rory and Bubba actually handled the situation with a whole lot of class.

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